Written by Marie

30 Mar 2004

My lover has just shown me the stories he has posted on your site and I had to bring myself off with my fingers as I read them. My life has changed so much in the last few months, let me tell you how.

I was a virgin until I met my husband and until recently had never even seen another man naked, I am 5ft 1in and slim with fair sized tits and a firm ass and have often been told I am sexy, my husband has a 5inch cock and about as thick as two of my fingers when at its hardest, I always thought this was normal. When he decided we needed to make love he would kiss me for about thirty seconds have a quick feel of my tits, slide a finger into my pussy to see if I was wet roll on top, hump and grunt for another thirty seconds, roll off and go to sleep, I also thought this was normal. Twice I had fingered myself when in the bath to an orgasam, but felt very guilty afterwards, he has never given me a come.

When chatting to my friend Margaret she told me about her vibrator and masterbating nearly every day and of the lovely feelings this gave her, I was turned on and after a lot of thinking asked her if she could buy me one. When it arrived it was a rampant rabbit and the sight of it scared me, Margaret told my how to use it and went home saying she would phone me later. I went off to my bedroom and decided to give it a try and if it was no fun I would at least have tried it. I tried to relax as I stripped off my clothes but still felt very selfconcious as I lay on he bed with my legs a little apart, I touched myself with my fingers until I was wet and begining to enjoy myself then slowly tried to insert the rabbit it was a tight squeeze but it eventualy went inside I felt much fuller than when John's prick was in me. I was thinking this is not very good and then I switched it on, OH MY GOD things started to happen I didn't think were possible I came and came and came again, if this was what other woman felt I wanted much more of it. After I had come seven times and was worn out I got dressed and went downstairs, the phone rang, it was Margaret, she said have you been out as I have phoned twice already, my reply was to tell her that I had been too buzy with my new toy. Over the next few weeks we talked a lot about sex and men, telling each other who we would like to fuck and what we would like them to do to us, she told me our friend Jim has the biggest cock she has ever seen and I should try and seduce him. He had once told me he would like to fuck me when he was drunk so I decided to go for it. I asked him round to fix the heater in my sons bedroom when he arrived I went and stripped off and put a robe on went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed showing as much leg as possible, I had decided earlier to be as blatent as I could so he couldn't say no. He was looking at my legs and I asked him if he remembered the night he said he wanted me and did he still feel the same, he said yes as I was a very sexy lady, I patted the bed and asked him to sit I could see his cock in his jeans it looked big, I reached for it and took it out I couldn't believe the size of it, 9inches long and 4inches thick (I have since measured it)my pussy was dripping I stood up and dropped my gown and slipped a finger into my very wet hole then licked the juice off and asked him if his cock would manage into me, as I lay on the bed he stripped off, my legs were spread for him and I was tingling all over, but instead of fucking me he went down on me, I had never had this done to me and I came nearly straight away it felt heavenely, he then moved up my body and placed his monster at the opening of my slick pouting cunt hole, it went in with a squeeze and he said he had never fucked a cunt as tight as mine, I thought I was going to burst I had never felt like this, the rabbit was good but this was a thousand times better when he was right inside me I came, I came again when he started to slowly fuck me and again when he speeded up, then again when he stopped right inside me and just rocked against me he said he was coming and when he filled me up with his juice I came again. He then licked all his come from my cunt as I licked his now softining cock, another first for me, he said he had never been with anyone with a pussy as tight as mine it had squeezed him dry and he would love to make fucking me a regular thing. We have tried lots of different things and I never believed I could enjoy fucking so much, oral just blows my mind and I would love to try anal, I have even been with another woman and that was fantastic, she tasted like honey. But when my husband is home and we are in bed I still act like before, why should he benefit from keeping me in the dark all those years so when he goes to sleep now I finger fuck myself thinking of my new sex life until I come then drift off to a satified sleep. I will keep you informed when anything new happens until then keep up the good work.