Written by Maz's Husband

11 Apr 2004

Ever wondered what its like watching your wife being fucked by another man? Or even better, by a few men! I did and I told her so! Surprisingly, it broke the ice! Marilyn admitted that it had always been her fantasy to feel a strangers cock inside her as I watched her! Those words were music to my ears and that night I lay in bed imagining her naked with other men, desperate to be fucked! For days I was on a sexual high, so much so, that I simply had to do something about it!

Browsing the Internet, I found a swingers site advertising house parties. One click of the mouse and I had access to a list of house parties planned throughout the country over the following weeks. Scrolling down, I found one not far away from us, down near Nottingham. I e-mailed Carol and Mick our details and received an invitation by return! When I told Marilyn about it, she seemed quite keen to give it a try, provided there would be no pressure on her.

In the few days before the party, there was a real buzz at home; we were both excited and not sure what to expect, having done nothing like it in our lives before! We even went out and bought a new sexy outfit for Marilyn to wear, a very short, black lacy mini skirt and a low, revealing white top, which split provocatively down her cleavage showing off her gorgeous tits wonderfully! Her knee length boots finished the outfit off perfectly!

Just getting ready on the evening of the party was so exciting and the drive down to Nottingham was electric! Marilyn looked stunning and was clearly game for a good time! When we arrived at Carol and Micks house, we were suddenly overwhelmed with anticipation! We sat for a few minutes in the car just building up courage to knock on the door!

Several minutes later we were being invited into the house and immediately we relaxed! There were loads of guests already there and it was easy to get lost in the crowd! We made our way through to the kitchen and grabbed a drink each and went back through to the lounge.

There were a few couples dancing, others groping, some chatting and a few single guys around taking it all in! We chatted to a few other couples, which seemed to put Marilyn at ease and we ended up dancing for a while. She looked so sexy and was definitely attracting quite a lot of attention from one or two of the single men. Typical Marilyn, she flirted with them, teasing them with her horny dancing! After a while I went through to get more drinks and when I returned, she was having a very close dance with one of the men! I watched for a while as she cock teased him to the extreme, gyrating her body and playing the tart! Horny cow!

Some time later, we decided to go and look around. The house was a large detached with six bedrooms and we toured the rooms looking for a bit of room. The first three rooms were full with couples fucking on the beds. We went into one room for a while and watched one wife taking it both ends! Marilyn loved it! She insisted we went and found space of our own, as she was feeling horny!

We found a double room at the back of the house, which was empty and closed the door behind us. We climbed onto the bed and began kissing. She seemed hot! My hands explored her body as she buried her tongue in my mouth! After a while, I lifted her top off, revealing her gorgeous tits and started to lick them! Within minutes, Id stripped her, leaving just her boots on! She was writhing around on the bed, naked, her clothes piled up on the floor.

I slipped a couple of fingers inside her and began finger fucking her, listening to the little tart squeal with pleasure! All the time, I sucked her tits! We could hear people in other rooms and that made it even hornier! My fingers had worked her into a frenzy and soon she was begging me to fuck her! I eased my hard cock inside her cunt and felt her body jolt as I started to fuck her! She screamed and squirmed like there was no tomorrow! She fucked like a whore!

As I savoured the moment, my wife at a swingers party, taking my cock and begging for more, the door opened! Marilyn hardly noticed! I saw two single guys at the door watching us fuck! I gestured for them to come in!

Im sure Marilyn still had no idea they were there! The combination of drink and the horny situation seemed to have made her oblivious to it all! All I could hear was her shouting and begging for more! The two guys were in their element! As I fucked my wife, the two men were standing at the side of the bed, cocks in hand, wanking!

There were a few minutes where they were a little unsure! They watched us fuck and then one of them tentatively placed his hand gently on Marilyns waist! She opened her eyes and saw the man and closed them again! She made no effort to resist! Aware of this, the man moved his hand onto her tits and started to massage them! She just groaned! The sight of another man touching my wifes tits was mind blowing!

The second guy realised that Marilyn wasnt objecting, so he moved to her face and began wanking his cock over it! She opened her eyes again and opened her mouth! His cock slipped in!

I fucked away at her slit as the other two took turns at her mouth! As I watched them alternate with her, I couldnt take any more! I shot my load deep into her cunt, listening to her scream out in pleasure!

I pulled out and saw a trickle of my cum ooze from her hole! No sooner had I shifted, when one of the others took my place fucking her! My God, did the whore scream? He fucked her furiously and brought her to an amazingly loud climax as his mate stood by! As he emptied his balls inside her unprotected cunt, his mate was already poised! One cock slipped out, as another thrust in! And my darling wife took her third spunking of the night!

Afterwards, we all lay on the bed for a while talking and laughing! As if what we had just done was perfectly normal! Marilyns pussy was wet with our spunk and she had officially crossed that line!

Once a swinger, always a swinger!