Written by Marilyn's Husband

25 Mar 2005

Marilyn’s Utopia!

It had been only a couple of weeks since Marilyn’s deflowering at our first swinger’s party. Two lucky guys had broken her in after watching me fuck her in one of the bedrooms. The three of us had left her pussy oozing with a cocktail of spunk, her fidelity gone forever! It was immediately obvious that our marriage would never be the same!

We talked about what she had done almost continuously over the following days, her emotions mixed between guilt and excitement! I reassured her that there was no need to feel guilty, after all, we’d both enjoyed the experience; there had been no hint of jealousy on my part! The truth of the matter was I just wanted her to do it again! The image of her on that bed impaled on a stranger’s cock while sucking frantically on another thick cock, their hands mauling her tits, is fixed permanently in my mind!

Planning ahead, I browsed the net yet again and found a new club in Shropshire called Utopia, which held couples only evenings on Fridays. The place looked absolutely amazing and very classy. We’d talked about clubs before and now seemed the right time to try one! We booked into a Travel Inn just a few miles from the club the following Friday and spent the next few days looking forward to our next adventure.

On the Friday, we called in at Birmingham to buy her some new clothes for the night! I wanted her to look the slut and insisted on buying her a very short black lace mini skirt and a very revealing white top, which barely covered her tits! She looked so fucking dirty in the stuff that she wouldn’t have been out of place on a street corner! We called in at Boots and I made her buy a load of condoms for her handbag to complete her outfit! This time, she openly admitted that she wanted to get fucked! A slight development from the swingers’ party where she just gave in to the advances of those two guys!

Arriving at Utopia was incredibly exciting. As I parked the car round the back, I could tell that Marilyn was up for it! I watched her climb out of the car. What a tart she looked!

There was a queue to get in because of guests from The Flava Party who were having a special meet at the club. There were loads of men there for Marilyn to chose from. She was in her element! We met Kevin, the owner, at Reception and after signing in, we were given a guided tour of the club! What an incredible set up!

I couldn’t wait to get her stripped off, so I took her through to the spa area, where we slipped into the very warm pool. Marilyn has a very fit body and immediately attracted attention as soon as she climbed in! We got chatting to a couple from Mansfield and it was only after we’d been talking for a while that I looked down into the water and realised that she her hand firmly wrapped around the guy’s erect cock and was wanking him off, much to his delight. I then realised that he was returning the gesture and had a couple of fingers slipping in and out of my wife’s shaven pussy! This went on for several minutes before his wife lead him off to the bar for a drink!

“You dirty bitch!” I remember saying after her admirer had gone!

“If you think that was dirty, babe, wait until later!” she smiled!

It must have been after 1am before we eventually decided to find some space in one of the playrooms. We looked around the labyrinth of caves, but none were free. We then went back to the dark room next to the bar, which had only just opened on the night of our visit. There was a couple standing and groping in the corner but the bed was empty! We sat down and Marilyn lifted her top off, revealing her lovely, bra-less, tits! I stripped off totally, my cock already hard in anticipation!

No sooner had we lay on the bed when two other couples entered the room. Seeing us on the bed, they came over and sat on the bottom of it. As Marilyn began to kiss me one of the men wasted no time at reaching over and gently stroking Marilyn’s tits. Her tongue penetrated my mouth deeper as the stranger’s hand began massaging her tits, his fingers squeezing her hardening nipples!

The other of the two guys, seeing his opportunity, placed his hand just above her smooth shaven pussy, testing her reaction. She opened her legs for him! His fingers slipped inside her with ease and began finger fucking her pussy! Marilyn moaned as her cunt muscles stretched around his fingers! As her pussy was being treated, her other admirer had began sucking her gorgeous tits! The two men were well into her, as their wives watched the slut surrender!

I pulled her up onto all fours and pushed her head down onto one of the guy’s cocks. She opened wide as the man slipped his meat into her mouth! He held her head onto his cock as I knelt behind her, and fed my cock deep into her wet cunt doggy style! I fucked away at her, my balls slapping against her arse, as she sucked one of the guys off! As she groaned and bucked on the bed, the two women started feeling Marilyn’s tits! One of them moved under her and started to suck her tits as her friend licked her finger and slipped it slowly up Marilyn’s tight arse!

Marilyn now was wanking off one guy, while sucking his mate off, taking a good fucking from me from behind, being fingered up her arse by one of the women while her friend sucked Maz’s tits! She was lost in another world now and was just up for anything! Her very own Utopia! This was beyond my wildest dreams to see Marilyn let herself go totally! I’d never ever imagined she could behave like this!

As I slammed hard into her from behind, she was slurping away at a cock in her mouth. I could see that the guy was loving it and appeared to be on the point of ejaculating! He groaned and slipped his cock from my wife’s mouth and immediately sprayed a torrent of thick white cum all over her cheeks and lips! Maz started to lick it, taking it back into her mouth! As she did, one of the women moved over and began licking the spunk from her face! Soon Marilyn and the woman were engaged in a full on kiss as I continued fucking her, feeling I was about to explode inside her!

The other woman’s finger was still slipping in and out of Marilyn’s tight arse hole, gradually opening it up! Maz loved it! Suddenly I knew I couldn’t hold back any more and thrust deep inside her cunt. My cock throbbed as it filled her wet pussy full of cream! As I came, her body jolted and she screamed out loud. “I’m cumming you bastards! I’m fucking cumming!” With that she bucked and screamed as the most incredible, powerful orgasm ripped through her body!

As she knelt there, in the dark room, still on all fours and my cock still deep inside her, she reached for her handbag and took out two condoms! She handed the other two guys one each and muttered “In for a penny, in for a pound!” She was behaving like a real slut now! I was so proud of her!

I watched as the two guys rolled the rubbers down their shafts ready to fuck her! I pulled out, leaving a trickle of cum running from her pussy, as one guy took my place! I moved over to Maz’s head and fed my juice-covered cock into her mouth!

The guy was poised behind her, as if waiting for me to say it was OK! “Just fuck the slut!” I said. “That’s what she’s here for!” I continued!

With one sudden thrust, he was deep inside my wife, fucking her frantically! By now, the two women were each sucking her tits! Marilyn was screaming out loud and other couples were coming into the dark room to watch her little show! As she took her second fuck of the night, the third guy was waiting his turn with her, cock ready!

It wasn’t long before she climaxed again and as soon as she did, her new lover filled his rubber inside her! As soon as he pulled out, his mate slipped into Marilyn and pumped away at her, soon taking her to her third powerful orgasm! She was going wild now, just totally wild.

“Fuck it into me! Spunk me!” she shouted as the guy rammed deep and hard into her, emptying his balls!

We all seemed to collapse on the bed together, entirely spent, Marilyn’s skin glistening in sweat, her pussy swollen and well used and spunk still in her hair!

She’d excelled! She looked an utter slut, just how I liked her!

That was our first trip to Utopia, Marilyn’s very own Utopia! She’s already asking when we can go back! That’s my girl!