Written by Old Perv

23 Mar 2004

This tale is not so much a story,but a dialogue of a set

of web correspondences with a lady i began an e mail relationship

with after i advertised on another board some time ago for

a younger female 25+ who was in a relationship with an older man,

of 60+ , i explainesd i too was a senior citizen and that

i was interested in discussing matters of a personal nature.

I was delighted to recieve an e mail from Deborah who was

happy to chat about her marriage to a 68 year old gent called

George.Deborah herself was a 39 year old divorcee and quite

attractive,she kindly sent me a couple of nice pics by

e mail , one a portrait of her with George standing

in which i could clearly define the dark haired womans curvy

shape as she stood smartly in a matching skirt and jacket

with dark stockings or tights while her much taller smartly

dressed husband stood beside her his grey hair slicked back.

The other pic was a delight too, it had been taken on holiday

in Greece and showed a big titted ,plump arsed Deborah in

a one piece yellow bathing suit.

Deborah had met George whilst assisting in events at the

local village hall after her divorce ,they became friendly

and the rest as they say is history.

Here's what Deborah had to say regarding the first sexual


'Yes it was before we wed and it took place in Georges house.

I had accepted his kind offer of a cup of tea that afternoon

during those times i would sometimes allow George to play

with my boobs, sometimes on top but on this occasion i

allowed him to unbutton my blouse and i undid my brassiere

for him which exited him a great deal, as you can see from

the pics i have very large breasts 38E, this progressed

to George asking me to play with his 'cock' which i did'.

And is Georges cock big?

'Yes he does have a rather large penis' replied Deborah.

To be continued in part 2