Written by Melinda J

8 Apr 2006

I’m Melinda, a 41 year old, married, blonde, and like most blondes, I like to have fun!

The problem is though, my husband is as dull as they come!

When we got married 20 years ago he was fine, but as time has gone by, his work has taken over his life and he seems to spend more time away from home on business than at home with me and the kids.

My sex drive has never wilted however and as we rarely have sex, I have occasionally strayed and gone with other men. Nothing too serious, just occasional nights out and no strings sex. Obviously my husband hasn’t a clue and would divorce me immediately if he knew I’d had sex with other men.

I’ve often fantasised about fucking a black guy but have never had the chance! Recently however, I was surfing a swingers site while hubby was away and found a few good looking black guys offering to service married women! I’d had a few glasses of wine at the computer so was a little tipsy. In my drunken state I got chatting on line to a black guy, Dermot from Birmingham, who seemed a true gent.

One thing lead to another and by the end of our online chat, I’d invited him to come up to Sheffield to spend a night with me! I packed my three kids off to my mothers for the night in question and knew that hubby would still be away in Dubai!

I tarted myself up, lots of make-up, red lipstick, very short black leather dress and hold-ups. At 8pm, on the dot, the door bell rang!

My heart was pounding as I opened the door! I was shocked to say the least! Two black guys were there! Dermot introduced himself and then his surprise friend, Theo.

My panties were already moist!

I invited them into the lounge, wrapped my arms around Dermot’s neck and started to kiss his lovely lips. Meanwhile his friend was running his hands up and down my leather dress!

They’d stripped me within minutes and pulled me down onto the floor with them, each naked by now too!

Like a dirty slut, I played with two huge hard black cocks, wanking and sucking each one! Their hands were all over my 36D tits and fingering my desperate wet hole!

“Let’s fuck the bitch!” Dermot said, arranging me doggy style. When his thick black meat pushed into me from behind, it fucking stretched me like never before. These were real men!

As his huge balls slapped against my arse cheeks, fucking me hard, Theo had his cock in my mouth! My red lipstick was smudging all down his shaft!

Dermot fucked me through my first orgasm. I screamed so loud I thought the neighbours might hear! As he spunked in my unprotected cunt, Theo ejaculated in my mouth!

Cum was running from my lips at both ends! I felt like a whore, but loved the feeling!

They fucked me several more times and took photos too, before heading back down to Birmingham! At least I have the pictures to remind me of my first blacking!

Now I need more!