Written by Paul

15 Jun 2006

I am a pretty average forty-something year old bloke, happily married to a gorgeous and sexy woman of the same age. We have a fntastic sex life - there is nothing I can think of that we haven't tried together. However, a few years back I discovered one thing that she can't give me - cock!

There is just something so exciting about being with another bloke, being sucked off by a stranger, sucking on a big anonymous cock through a toilet wall gloryhole. I just can't get enough. The feeling a a lovely hard fat cock up your arse is simply the best!

A week or two back I pulled into a layby, one of my favourite places for cruising for sleazy sex. This place is just heaven when the weather is nice! I find the best time to go there is late at night, so I go whenever I get the chance. Loads of cars and quite a few horny truckers sitting in their cabs, well up for it.

It's possible to get daytime fun there too, but obviously more risky. There is a nice quiet spot away from the main road where some serious fucking action can take place.

It was about 1145 pm. As soon as I got out of the car I saw a fit younger guy standing by some picnic tables at the first entrance. I went into the trees, dropped my trousers and started wanking my hard cock. I was wearing one of my wife's tight thongs, and I thought this might give him the idea I wanted to be fucked.

It turned out the other way - he was more sub than me. We went further into the trees where he sucked my cock until it was even harder. Then he just bent over and I slid my bare cock into him.

His hole was already full of spunk, so I fucked him hard like a whore as he gripped my cock with his muscular ring.

I soon added my own load, and before he went he sucked and licked all the shitty spunk off my cock.

Mate, if you are reading this, thank you - you made my night and I hope to see you again soon, maybe for a threesome this time so I can get a load up my bumhole too.