Written by Alex and Phil

2 Apr 2006

Why is it that a lot of men prefer to fuck married women? I know I do!

Perhaps it’s the thrill that she is someone else’s girl and is being unfaithful to her poor husband? Besides that, married women tend to be much easier lays in my experience. Those over 40 are the ones I tend to go for as they are really up for it! They’re usually bored with their husbands and very experienced sexually. A perfect combination in fact!

This year, to date, I have bagged eight married one nighters. Yes, eight husbands in Nottingham have no idea that their wife’s pussy has been treated to extra-marital cock! Last night was my latest conquest!

I was out in town with my mate Phil, who owns an apartment in the city centre. Phil and I are out on the pull most Fridays and usually manage to get off with a couple of willing married women.

Last night was a bit different as we both fancied the same woman! Miriam was a small brunette about 50, gorgeous figure, lovely tits, dressed sexily but classy and was quite a posh bird. We chatted her up, she flirted with us and when her friends left at the end of the night, she didn’t! Phil invited her back to his apartment for a drink and she agreed!

We were left in no doubt at all about her intentions when we got back! She immediately stripped to her underwear, stockings suspenders, very, very sexy!

Phil took charge and began kissing her and feeling the posh tart’s tits. I took my cock out and went over. She grabbed it and started wanking me. She was moaning out loud and I could see Phil was fingering her slit.

We took turns with her, both of us emptying our balls in her unprotected cunt. She turned out to be a right tart, wanting it over and over again!

At 3am we called a taxi and sent her home to her unsuspecting husband!