Written by mary and mistress pamela

7 Feb 2005

i have permission to tell you my story

when i was 14, i got the job as baby sitter to a nice couple. The first time my mother took me to have a look, afterwards the husband took me home to my door for safety and i had the job on a regular basis.

As time went by we all relaxed and it became very informal.

Normally this couple went out on Friday nites. When i was 16 1/2 , i went into their bathroom and suddenly realised that looking in the mirror i cud see into the bedroom. The lady was getting changed to go out, she was wearing holdup stockings and was naked. She had a lovely bush, much more hair than mine, and whilst my titties had now started to grow quickly, she had lovely big firm tits with large nipples, i thought they were lovely. As i peeked, she put her dress on, and i realised in amazement that she hadn't put any knickers on and no bra either.

I watched exitedly as she lifted her dress up and looked at herself in the mirror.

I went downstairs and a couple of minutes later she came down too, i could see she didn't have a bra on from the way her titties moved under the dress.

They went out, i was so amazed and exited thaty she had gone out without knicklers i got all horny , and pulled my knickers down and had a nice long fingering at my pussy.

Every week seemed to be the same, i got to seeing her almost naked several times and one time as i came out the bathroom i almost bumped into her naked. She just smiled and walked past me.

Just after my 17 th birthday, i wasz baby sitting, there was nothing on tv and i was bored. I looked in the cupboard and found the video cassettes, nothing realy interesting, i had seen most of the films anyway. Then i noticed a shoe box behind the tapes and opened it up. I realised very fas that these were dirty films - porno i had heard other kids saying. I looked thru them and chose one with two young naked girls and a naked boy on the front and put it on. O chist, what those girls and that guy did, was so dirty and exiting , i think i fingerred off about 4 times that evening. Over the next weeks i watched all of the porno films in the shoebox but my favourite was always that first one. One week thete wxas a new tape in the box without label, i put it on , and wow, there was mrs bell herself naked withher husband doing all the dirty things to each other. My eyes bulged as i saw her sucking his cock and then her with her legs wide open so i cud see almost right up her. It was only later that i asked myself who made the film??

17 1/2, baysitting, they went out she wasn't wearing underwear again. They drove off in the car and i got a porno out str8 away and put it on. I had started to imitate her and walk around sometime without knickers, i felt so horny doing that. I settled on the sofa skirt up round my waist, legs wide open , and fingered slowly whilme watching the porno. The living room door were glass and one was open so i cud here the baby if he woke up.

i fingered w quicjker and long , i had two cums and was going in for a third, it was cumming nicely, my eyes were closed and i felt it building up. Sudennly, horor, horror, a voice sed let me help you with that, horried i found mrs bell kneeling beside me, she pushed my hand away and started rubbing my pussy. I was to shocked to move or speak, dont worry she sed, i'll rub it for you and i won't tell your mom you been watching porno. Sudenly i felt nice and good and i relaxed and let her finger me. I closed my eyes, the suddenly she stopped, and o god she was kissing and licking me, i started to say stop but it was so so so good. I can't remember but mr bell who was outside in the passage, sed, you were wailing, o o o its nice its nice, i like it i like it - then the most incredible feeling all in my belly, my pussy aaagggggg my first cum suck off orgasm. And she didnt stop she kept on at me, i cud hardly stand it , it was too nice, oooooooh - 2nd cum ... aaagh 3rd cum , then agin i think, a voice sed let mre have a taste now, o god mr bell, was in between my legs now sucking at me, she was kissing me and i cud taste my own pussy on her mouth. She had my top and bra off and she was also undressed. I lost it all and it went blank. Mr bell sed he'd sucked me off 4 times. So that meant, he sed, cos ised later i'de already fingered it twice, that i had had 10 cums and it was only 11 pm.

it turned out that their car had broken down and they let themselves in the house extra quiet to avoid waking the baby up, and had caught me fingering.

After that i was away, i cudnt get enuf, first she sed i had to suck her back, so i did and that was lovey. Then mr bell sed it was his urn and we got each side of him and she taught me to suck his cock. He shot in my mouth and it was very difficult to swallow it all, and thay first time i did'nt like the taste much. The they both gave me another suck off each and mr bell took me home and sed i must cum and babysit again on sat nite.

Sat nite was the same, they did my again and again , and i did her and we sucked mr bell's cock too.

This was 12 months ago, i'm over 18 now and adult, i go them evet fri sat nite and we do it evertime, I love them and i will do everthing they want.

if this gets posted, i'll tell you about when thet took me on holiday to spain next -time (ps using mistress's bel computer, but you can send any messages there.