Written by Chippy

30 Dec 2003

I went out to the pub one night while my wife and sister-in-law stayed in and so they could have a natter how she was doing since her husband had left her.

When I got home after the pubs had shut my sister-in-law was still there has she had decided to stop over for the night. I asked my wife if everything was all right with them and she said that they had had a very good talk about alsorts of things and she could not believe that her sister had never given her hubby a blow job all the time that they were married and of course my wife had told her how much she enjoyed giving me a blow job and had try to show her with a banana how to do it properly and after a few attempts her sister said she would'nt mind trying if she ever got another fella.

We sat on the settee opposite my sister-in-law and to be honest after what my wife had just told me I was looking at her mouth and lips and wondering what they would be like wrapped around my cock.

It was then that my wife said that she knew I would'nt mind if she showed her sister how to do it for real while at the same time she unzipped my trousers, took out my cock and started to lick and suck it and gestured to her sister to move over so she could see better. After sucking my cock for a while and making me really hard my wife removed her mouth from my cock and held it in the direction of her sister who was by now licking her lips. My wife put her hand at the back of her sister's head and gently pushed her forward so that she took half the length of my cock into her gaping mouth, she gasped at first and then started to suck really hard on my cock and took in the full length of my cock this time I could feel her lips touch my balls and she sucked harder than I had ever been sucked before, while at the same time my wife was sucking, licking and almost chewing on my balls.

It was all too much for me as my sister-in-law sucked hard on my cock and my wife engulfed my balls in her mouth I shot my load of spunk down my sister-in-law's throat, she jumped back gulping but swallowed the lot !

If that was her first attempt at a blow job then I would'nt mind being around when she's had some more practice !!