Written by Cuckold

16 Nov 2006

We were 36 when we made our first attempt at swinging, it did not go that well, the usual story of beginers and a more experienced couple. They had rang to ask if we wanted to meet again but we declined.

Joining the Forum Society (this was 25 years ago) we found ourselves at the rural home of the group organiser, a man in his 60s. We spent much of the evening talking about what we wanted and who was in the group. It was fairly obvious that we had dressed for the "interview" and eventually he asked Jean if she would undress. After a few glances between us she stood up and as she was about to peel off he asked her to go over to where he was sitting. I watched as she allowed him to slowly undress her, my most vivid memory to this day is watching her boobs being gently rubbed as her bra was discarded.

He gave her a massage, which she enjoyed, and the following evening we rang him back to confirm that we wanted to go further. When we arrived at his door the next evening he was naked and leaving me to find my way to the lounge he led Jean up the stairs. For around 30 mins I could hear voices and laughter coming from the front bedroom and I was eventually invited to join them.

He had a ridding crop in his hand and was wearing a ridding hat, at first I thought he was doing it doggy style with her but as I got nearer I could see that his cock was embeded in her bum hole. Jean had obviously told him that her arse was a virgin and I remember his look of delight as he told me that she was about to be buggered and that I could watch. Then he touched her breast with his crop and she began to rock back and forth on his cock. Rather than talking gently to her he was calling her a slut letting him use her arse like this, when she made no noise he touched her again with his crop and she agreed that she was slutand such like. This went on about 10 mins before he reached his climax and as he pulled his cock out so his juices ran down to her cunt. The three of us adjorned to the lounge and during the course of the next couple of hours both he I fucked Jean.

Then he asked Jean if she would meet one of his friends, again a small discusion and we both agreed this is why we wanted to join the group. He made the call there and then, Jean having to speak to this stranger and explaining what he (group organiser)and I had done to her that night and asking the voice on the phone if he wanted to join us next time.

On the following Friday night both men turned up as arranged and began to fondle Jean as soon as the front door closed, by the time we reached the lounge her boobs were already out and moments later her knickers lay discarded on the floor. The three of us spent the next two hours planting our seeds in all the holes Jean could offer. Over the next 6 months Jean found herself on the end of 15 or 16 other cocks as she passed around the group. Mostly single occassions with the group organiser introducing her as the groups new whore, but sometimes 2 or 3 new men in one night.

At the end of those 6 months she was a changed woman, always ready for sex and prepared to do anything that her Master wanted of her. 25 years later she is still pulling her knickers down for males in the town to enjoy, much to my great pleasure.