Written by Bigwelshman

20 Jan 2004

This all happened last October, I was out in town with 2 lads, M and G, and we ended up in our local shitty club, the "occy", where I bumped into a lass I had copped off with about 6 months previously. I`d got talking to her again, when G came over and took a pic of her ass with his phone. Far from being pissed off, she found this a laugh, and soon G had a heep of pics of her thong clad ass. pretty soon, I had copped off with her, and we were getting a bit filthy. G decided he wanted a go, so he had a bit of a snog and a feel, pretty soon I asked her if she was up for a 3some. M by this point had dissapeared, so K (the girl), G and I went outside and jumped in a taxi, back to G`s house where we were all due to stay, as G`s missus was away for the weekend.

In the taxi, we asked her if she was sure she was up for this, as she was pretty pissed (as were we), to which she started feeling both our cocks-wow!

Back at G`s, I started snogging her in the kitchen, G (being a cheaky bastard)just got his cock out and pushed her down on to her knees to suck it. Before too long, K was sucking us both off, one hand on each cock, and sucking one, then the other.

After a couple of minutes of this, we went down to a downstairs bedroom, where K, now stripped, lay on the bear mattress. I went straight down on her ginger minge, whilst G stripped off, and got another sucking from her. K insisted on condoms, so G went off to find some, and came back naked but for his rubber jonny. Pretty soon he was up to his balls, whilst I was pushing as much of my cock as I could into her mouth.

K was getting right into the fuck, and losing intrest in my cock, so when G went on his back with K on top of him, i spat on my fingers and eased one, then two fingers up her ass, I could feel G`s cock slide in and out of her pussy-magic, within seconds, I felt her ass clench as she came on my fingers and G`s cock.

I wanted a piece of this pussy, but G only had the one condom, so I never got to fuck her, but she gave me a great BJ, with her on her knees being fucked by G. Pretty soon, I came on her tits, then G pulled out, whipped off the condom and came over her face and tits-what a laugh!!

About 2 minutes later, there was a knock at the door, M (my other mate) had been watching through the window, the dirty bastard! He asked K if he could have a go-"whats it worth?" she asked? He only had a fiver after the taxi, but he offered her that, but she had a better idea. Pretty soon, he was licking and sucking her tits, after which she gave him a BJ. M still doesnt know that we had both shot our loads over those tits!!

After that, we phoned her a taxi, and paid the fare, least we could do. Ive seen her around since, but not had any more fun with her, but what a night!!