Written by Dinerdate

13 Jan 2006

We relocated to the South as part of my new job and found a nice house in a good area and we were met by our new next door neighbours Anna and Derek as we moved in.

Anna was slightly overwieght,mid fifties, a bit frumpy and wore no make up, her long hair seemed to be her pride and joy, it was blonde and thick and loose almost down to her waist.

However, it was her mouth that caught my attention, she had naturally wide and soft thick lips that covered nice even white teeth. My eyes just focussed on her lush mouth and I got incredibly hard just imagining it with red lipstick enhancing the fullness of her lips.

As it happens we did not get to see much of them for a few months, we moved in during Nov and what with work and decorating we staying in and got on with our lives.

It was just prior to Christmas that my wife said, God! I really did not recognise Anna today, she has lost a lot of weight, was well dressed and totally transformed by make up. She was right! I had to find out for myself as I was now starting to wank when the wife was out, thinking of that mouth!!!

I made up an excuse to pop next door when I could see her husband had gone off to work. I took our Christmas card when my wife had also gone shopping. She came to the door and what greeted me nearly blew me away, she looked stunning. She must have lost 2 0r 3 stone, her blonde hair had been slightly shortened into a modern cut, she wore a red wrap round dress that clung to her hips and tits, fishnets and black heels. But she had done he one thing that I had fantasised and wanked over and applied thick wet red lipstick to her beautifull full mouth.

I thurst the card into her hand and noticed the long painted nails, another fetish I have and said WOW!! she laughed and exposed her white even teeth, I was so hard it was embaressing and totally bloody obvious. She invited me into the lounge and smiled as I sat trying to hide a rampant cock.

She started the conversation by saying she had been determined to sort herself out after seeing how slim and attractive my wife was, my husband quite fancies her you know, she said. So I have made a huge effort to look good, what do you think?

What did I think!! I wanted to fuck her that is what I thought.Christ she looked hot, so I took a risk, stood up and pointing to my hard cock said, look what you have done to me. Without any hesitation her fingers slid down my zip and exposed my hard shaft,she knelt before me and opened her large mouth sucking me gengly. I watched her in the mirror as her full lips dragged across my leaking cock and gave me the blowjob of my life. Up and down her soft wet mouth moved over my shaft, she left wet lipstick smears all over it and I could not hold back, grabbing her long hair I face fucked her, she took my 8 inches entirely as I pumped her mouth full of my hot thick cum. After I shot my load she licked and sucked me to full errection and asked me to fuck her hard, what could I say!

Easing her onto her thick pile carpet I slid my hand up her legs and eased my fingers past her sodden panties into a smooth and open dripping cunt. I slid it into her with ease and took her bareback, filling her once again with thick spunk. She thanked me and said that I had a great cock, but there is a twist in the tail.

I have to now offer my wife to her husband as he apparently wanks about having her!!

I will have to try and work it out somehow!

In the meantime I have filled her mouth with cum on a coule more occasions, I just can't get enough of her.