Written by GnT

14 Mar 2006

tonight we were meeting up with a mature woman she was 15 yrs older than g ,we met in a pub had some great chat,then she invited us back to her home.as we sat chatting g got up and walked to where she was sitting ,sat down next to her placing a hand on her stocking top.there eyes met "shall we go upstairs" she said ,making our way up all thoughts going through my head cock twitching,inside was a kingsize bed ,"can i kiss you "pam this mature woman says ,there lips met hands carressing each other,this was the first time g has ever kissed another woman ,god this had made me hard.it continued as they began to strip each other.naked ,and taking turns licking and sucking each others nipples you could hear how wet they both were as there fingers went to work."lets get the toys out"g said.pam lay back as g started to work the rabbit untill she was arching her back in orgasim ,they got into position as i lined up the double ender it slid into both of there wet cunts ,then they began to move ,it was most horny sight i had ever seen ,they were going at it hard ,bottoms bashing against each others as they fought to be the first to cum.pam straightned out stiff as she came again ,g had out fucked her."lay down g"she said .g lay down as pam parted her legs .kissing all the way up her thighs till she reached her pssy lips,her groans made me so horny as she was licking her pussy ,i started to finger pam from behind ,her hips were moving slowly ,i got under her as she was licking g ,i was slowy sneeking my tounge around her clit ,just as g climaxed i felt pam wash my tounge with her warm pussy fluid they both collapsed onto the bed.i was so hard now ,"g get on all fours right now" she done as she was told she knew what it had done to me.as i entered her i could feel how hot and sticky she was,as i was thrusting away g parted pams thighs and lapped at her pussy ,pam grunted and groaned to a very quick orgasm as i now was pounding away at gs pussy ,i could feel my spunk rising,faster and faster "fuck me harder"she shouts ,all i could do was as she asked ,this was so fucking horny ,my woman was licking another womans pussy as i was fucking her .i filled gs pussy with what seemed like gallons of hot sticky spunky ,as we all fell onto the bed ,all 3 of our bodys wet sticky and the sound of our heavy breathing.for weeks me and g fucked at the memory of this horny night.