Written by James

19 Sep 2006

It was a chance,off the cuff comment i made to my

65 year old neighbour Mrs M that started the ball

rolling,i am a sales manager for a local company

and because of the nature of the work i sometimes

have my afternoons free,i am also a great believer

in being a good neighbour and that is why i often

stopped by at my neighbour Betty's house to check

if all was well.Betty is an attractive albeit rather

plump widow who lives alone and is rather glad of

the company.Betty had phoned me one afternoon in a panic

because she had broken the thermostat on her boiler,i had

it fixed in no time,and having established that

Betty had broken it by meddling around i jokingly

said 'Tut Tut you naughty girl,i'll smack your bottom

next time',Betty flushed red and said 'Oooh i might

like it!'.A cheeky comment indeed and all in good

jest,but there's many a true word said in jest so they

say,and Betty was not to know that i like nothing better

than spanking ladies bottoms!

'Shall we put that to the test?' i said.

Betty stood in her lounge and i instructed her

to touch her toes,i then lifted her frock to reveal

her big tight purple drawers that clung alluringly

to her huge arse, 'prepare yourself my girl' i

said sternly and i then gave Betty sound hand spanking.

Since then i have introduced Betty's bottom to

the strap and the cane,and she relishes the attention

i give to her fine buttocks,which i often bare for