Written by Carol & Peter

2 Dec 2003

Since my straightlaced wife had finally agreed to at least try having a 3some, I have been frantically attempting to arrange a weekend away at one of our favourite hotels. At last I managed it last week!

On arrival last Saturday, I discovered that we were in the middle of the corporate Christmas party season .... my mind was running riot, as I hoped the alchol would be later lol

That evening we had our meal and realised that the meal for the party-goers was served in a side room, while the disco was in the main bar area. All during our meal I sat opposite Carol, looking at her eyes and occasionally at her blouse which in the low light of the room just gave a hint of her the lace of her low cut bra beneath and her 36dd breasts. Throughout the meal I was wondering whether she would have the nerve to go through with this. Apart from a brief reference to it when she was getting ready in the bedroon - would her lingerie be appropriate! - we had not spoken about it since arrival.

After our meal we adjourned to the bar where the disco was play and the party-goers were getting into the mood with dancing and drinking. I stood against a wall half way between the bar and the dance floor, almost on the route between the two. I pull Carol towards me, her back against me, so that she could see what was happening in the room. My arms around her waist. I took the plunge - "see anyone you fancy?" ...."possibly" was her reply. Good, she hadn't got cold feet. I didn't push it any further, but got her another drink from the bar and assumed the same position behind her. As the music became infectious we both started to sway alittle - as her arse cheeks were moving across my crotch I became semi erect. Her response was to push back onto me, grinding harder. After a few minutes of her grinding dance getting me aroused, my hands were stroking her sides, with short strokes just under her breasts, then as I became bolder I stroked the sides of her breasts as my hand travelled up and down the sides of her body. All the time we were looking at the people on the dance floor.

I asked again, "anyone you fancy?" ..... "mmm yes I think so" ...my heart missed a beat and my cock twitched on hearing her reply. God I hope she didn't want to move at that moment, I had a huge erection inside my trousers that the whole world would have seen. All these years I had been gently trying to coach her into having a 3some, not just a 3some, but one with another bloke as I wanted to see my straight-laced wife get fucked. Now I was on the verge of getting my fantasy - note to my GP, blood pressure was way too high !!

We continued to stand in the same place for about another 30 minutes, every so often I would go and refill her glass - I wasn't drinking at the same rate as her as I wanted to remember this night, but I was keeping her nicely topped-up with alchol. During this time people from the dance floor area would go passed us on their way to the bar, some of the men would look at us, or should I say her, and smile. But I had no idea what she was doing in return, was she smiling at them I wondered. Then as one bloke walked past Carol gave me a gentle push back with her bum into my crotch - at this point we were stood, not even moving to the music. After the bloke had passed I asked her if that was the one, she turned her head back towards me and said yes.

Its time I disappeared for work, but will post the rest later - yes there is something to post !

Anyone wanting an update beforehand, or any female in the Suffolk area can contact us for our next adventure !