Written by paul and lisa

5 Feb 2004

we've been advertising on this site for quite some time now. and have had many no go situations. although just last month something happened with one of the members who contacted us. my wife is 29,big green eyes,natural blonde,tanned,toned and horny as fuck all the time. and she finaly met her match last month. we met up a black guy in south west london whos cock on the pics he sent looked so thick and big my wife had been masterbating about it for some weeks before.

in the flesh he was very tall,clean,looked muscular and quite arrogant which my wife lisa loves,so we deceided to give it a shot in a small hotel above the bar we met him in.

the moment we walked into the room he turned slightly hostile and threw my wife to the bed. as he took his shirt off revealing his toned body(obvously worked out) he told her that she's about to get the best fucking she's ever had and pulled down his jeans to reveal a huge swelling in his tight boxer shorts. he just turned to me and pointed at a chair. "sit down,shut up,watch and learn!" he said as i instantly sat down and got my cock out ready for the wank of my life.

he needn't have been forceful with my wife really as the slut pulled off her cloths so that all was left was her black bra,black g string and black leather boots. she was playing with her shaved pussy on the bed as she asked him to show her his cock. he walked over to the side of the bed and put the huge bulge in her face. she ran her mouth up and down the length of the bulge through his shorts moaning like a true black cock slut. and ran her hands over his washboard stomach and slowely rised up to his face where she kissed him slowely and wet on his lips. as she moned she dragged his shorts down and they dropped to his feet. he had the biggest dick i had ever seen. the photos didn't do it justice! it must have been at least 10"" and extremely thick.

as her hand went down to feel it she breathed a huge sigh of shock. "oh my god!" she said out loud.

"suck it white bitch. see what you've been missing all these years".

she did just that. she slurped and sucked on his huge tool massaging his huge swollen balls and moaned out obcenities at me whilst doing so,telling the guy how much bigger and better he was and how she's HIS bitch now. it was so horny watching her say all this i had to stop wanking or i would've cum there and then.

after what seemed like an hour of her sucking that huge dick and her telling him how much she wanted him all day everyday he said "now here's the fun part!".

holding her hair in a clump he told her to stick her arse in the air and take his cock on all fours. she did so instantly and he slid his giant cock into her pussy. she screamed and you could see the wetness running down the back of her thighs. as he slowely slid it into her he slapped her arse and called her an interacial slut which she loved as she kept telling him to use her and to keep slapping her slut arse.

as he did this she looked at me right in my eyes and said "you're nothing compared to this you know?"

after about 20 minutes he pulled his huge cock halfway out of her pussy and screamed out as he shot what looked like a bucket load of potent spunk into her pussy and as he pulled all the way out it splashed out of her cunt like a tap for a second and ran down her legs and made a huge mess on the sheets which were soaked.

then he did the unbelivable. he spun her over easily with his big strong arms so that she was lying on her back in all the spunk on the soaking sheets and slid his half erect cock right into her pussy up to the base and started to pump his black magic into her all over again! my wife just had the biggest smile on her face as she said "oh god! you're so good! my god! you're going for it again!!"

he ploughed his cock into her,this time furiously drilling away and grunting loudly whilst he told her how he's gonna fuck her every week when i'm not around and that she's gonna end up leaving me for him in the end just because she wants to be a black cock slave and she moaned aloud and agreed and sucked hard on his thick neck and said that she'd be on his cock anytime. then he pulled out and knelt by her face as she wanked his dick fast and a huge fountain of white thick cream drowned her face and filled her mouth and drenched her hair.

this went on ALL NIGHT. he was like an animal. a human spunk machine and he took her every way he could,filling every part of her body and the bed with cream! it was stupid to have done it but it felt so good to watch and my wife has never been the same.

when we went to the bathroom to take a shower we came back into the room to discover he had stolen our cash and left.

the fucker. that just rounded it off perfectly though. lisa was sore for a week after. but that didn't stop the slut from meeting this masterful bastard again when he rang her. she's been getting used by him on a regular basis now and when i get home from work and she's not there i just know what the slut is up to. she's just a black cock whore and that's all he'll let her be. she's gone off sex with me since. but that just turns me on more!!