Written by rand8156

24 Jan 2007

The mother in law

My mother in law has for has long as I have known her been a slut. I remember when I first met her thinking I hope our lass does look like her mother when she got older. And I have had many of fantasy about her anyway one day she asked me if I would go through and have a look at her car as it had failed its mot and needed the break lines changing so I told her I would come through tomorrow because she lives a few towns over from me about 30 mile away so I went to have a look. When I got there I knocked on the door and she was wearing a dressing gown her matted to her head and slippers I thought ho my god what happened to you but being nice I just asked if she was ok she said she had a hangover from the night before. So I went to have a look at the car and a hour or so later when I had finished I went in covered in oil and she said would you like to have a shower to which I thought wwwhhhhoooooo and said yes thanks she said don’t worry I wont come in because the lock on the door is broken and again here is me thinking I might get something here so went up stairs got undressed and jumped in the shower after a minute or two I here her coming up the stairs and got an instant hard on thinking here we go and when she just walked past I thought fuck I was disappointed so I get out of the shower and get dressed and go back down stairs put my leathers back (motorbike) and shouted I am off when she said hold on she came down stairs still wearing her dressing gown but had done her she give me a hug and said thank you for doing the car how can I repay you again getting my hopes up said anyway you like and when she said Orwell here’s a tanner get your self a pint I must have looked angry because she said what’s wrong and when I replayed nothing she says good because I am not guna give a blowjob to some one in a bad mood she dropped to the floor and grabbed my cock now I am not going to be like all the men on here and say my nine inch cock because I haven’t I am around 6 and a half wish I had more but I don’t so I just try to do the best I can anyway I pick her up and take her up stairs I was just about to go in her room and she told me to stop we could go in her sons room or her daughters my wife’s old room but not hers when I asked why she said there is someone in there that I brought home last night. so in her sons room I fling her on the bed and go straight between her legs with my tongue nibbling on her lips and sucking on her clit and she was screaming with pleaser she looked down at me and said get your cock in me now I want your cock. So I get up and shove my cock inside of her and she starts to moan really loud I have never heard a woman like it she got out some hand cuffs and cuffed me to the bed she straddled me bouncing up and down like a mad woman when al of sudden she gets of me and leaves the room. She shouted I am getting my date from last night to join us I started to struggle to get free thinking she is guna bring a man in and I really not into that when in walks a gorgeous blonde and im think or YES but it turns out she is not into men one bit but while my mother in law started to ride me again the blonde would rub her clit and suck her nipples and im thinking hey this works for me when the mother in law says to me wana fuck me up the arse before I say anything she jumps up and straight back down my cock slid straight up her arse when the blonde pulls out a strap on puts it on and sticks it up her pussy after a few mins I shout im cuming she starts to ride me harder and I shoot my load up her arse when I have give her every drop she jumps of me and gets the blonde to suck my spunk out of her arse after which there start to snowball with my sperm all over the both of them my little soldier stands to attention again the mother in law jumps straight back on with it up her pussy and ride me hard till I fill her with my spunk again after she uncuffed me and said get showered and get out. I just put on my clothes washed my face and went. Me and the wife were at hers for Christmas morning and so was her new boy toy as the mother in law is 48 and he is the same age as me 24. It was like nothing had happened not a look off her across the table or nothing I did not no what to think about this I guess I should just be happy for what happened but for some reason im not??????????