Written by SGSNW

19 Jul 2006

My wife and I will be married for eight years in August, she is twenty eight and I’m hitting my naughty 40’s in December. We have a wonderful sex life which we spice up with something we call an open night. Basically meaning that once a month we have an open night. We go our own separate ways with basic rules, take precaution against unwanted surprises and keep no secretes.

On a normal open night, I would drop her off at the club just down the road, before meeting up with the boys. We would then go to a strip club or two and generally enjoy our selves. For that night you are single and free to flirt and if the opportunities arrive you take it with both arms. When the night is over we would either meet back at home or she would request me to pick her up. We world exchange our stories and triumphs and get so horney that we end up fucking till the early morning hours. You wont believe me if I tell you what a difference something like this does in a relationship.

Last Friday was such a night and started out just like any of the others. After dropping Anita at the Western Arms I proceeded to pick up my friends only to be disappointed in finding out that they all had other arrangements (Rugby tickets, real friends) and found myself alone. I had flash backs of school days and started “Pub crawling” it was quite a change to the routine and I enjoyed flirting again and found myself very aroused (and very pissed) by the time I got to a night club in Sunninghill.

I got a drink from the bar and took a seat in the back of the club away from door ways and entrances to toilets as I could still recall that these were the places one could end up getting rather beaten up. The club was dark and full of smoke as all clubs are but through the smoke I noticed some action at a table not too far from where I found myself; three guys were sticking it to a girl right there on the table.

The girl, as far I could see was lying naked on the table, one was fucking her in the ass, while the other was in the pussy and the third had his cock in her mouth. They were drawing a crowd and it became ever more difficult to see what was happening. What little I could see was giving me a real hard-on and I started rubbing myself , next moment the girl was sucking the guy that had just fucked her, on her knees the guy that his cock in her mouth was now fucking her doggy style and the third was shooting his load across her arched back, I watched the hot load run down her back and pass over a small butterfly tattoo. My heart was racing with mixed motions, could it be, no its not possible, but still I got up to take a closer look and there she was. The wife I’ve dropped off at the Western Arms was getting well and truly fucked in front of my eyes.

My heart wanted to shout out and say “Hay have some respect, that’s my wife you’re fucking there...” but the rest of me just stood there watching. One by one the guys off loaded and I quickly snug back to my seat as my wife quietly slipped off the table that was covered with bodily fluid, she got dressed and went to the ladies.

As I sat there reminiscing of everything that transpired in front of my eyes, it’s one thing doing it and telling the story later but actually witnessing it is another, suddenly my cell phone rang, It was Anita, she requested me to pick her up, acting stupid, I asked for directions to the club and stated I would be there in a short while, but as she came out the ladies I was there at the door. Thought I was surprised, you should have seen her face.

Needless to say we fucked well into the next day, the experience has left both of us egger for more, she even agreed that next time I could go out with her and not be a bystander this time… This event has spurred us to become members on this site and when I noticed the posts by other I thought I had to share this one with you.