Written by Andy

6 Feb 2004

I must tell you about some fun I had with a local couple. I had previously put an ad on here a few months ago, not looking for a couple because as I have no digital camera, I have no pics so I thought I will not waste my time. My ad was aimed at other guys as I am bi.

However, yesterday, I received an email from a local guy who said he wanted to feel a cock in his ass, while his girlfriend watched!

I had nothing to lose and replied to his email from work. He too was at work and several emails were exchanged and we arranged to meet at 5 pm. He gave me his address and the idea was that it was going to be a surprise for her! I was to pretend to be from British Gas. However, when I got there, he had already primed her that I was coming.

I stripped off in their lounge and followed him upstairs. It was strange as I said hello to her for the first time…and me being naked at the time!

He quickly stripped off on joined me on the bed. He began sucking me as she watched. I am 40 years of age (but look younger), but they were both in their early 20’s…and she was gorgeous. At this time, she was fully clothed.

He and I began to 69 and I enjoyed the look on her face as I sucked him. After a couple of minutes, he said he wanted me to fuck him. He knelt down on the bed and I entered him…more easily that I had anticipated, not that I am overly experienced anally.

I beckoned her to come closer to watch as I fucked him slowly, his ass was tight on my cock. He told her to take her top and bra off, which she did to reveal a gorgeous pair of breasts that I began to lick and suck..all the while still fucking him.

He was telling her how lovely it felt, having my cock in his ass. He then told her to strip naked to reveal her smooth pussy. My attentions had switched to her, but he said..”Fuck me, you bastard!”. So I began fucking him hard until I cum in his ass. The squelching sound proof of my deposit.

When I withdrew from him, he told her to lick and suck my cock. I lay on the bed as he wanked himself off into my mouth. I swallowed him completely as she still licked my cock.

Not being a spring chicken, I did not get hard immediately, but still enjoyed her attentions. I asked if I could lick her and I crawled underneath her to lick her pussy and her ass. She had stopped licking me and I assumed she was giving him head at this stage, as I couldn’t see!

Unfortunately, time was getting the better of us and we all got dressed and said our goodbyes.

That is one experience I won’t forget in a hurry!