Written by Bernard Hornet

26 Jul 2003

I had not seen Angela for years – since my youth, in fact, when I would walk her home from the local Youth Club. On fine Summer evenings, we would take the long way home, along a couple of lanes

One evening, as we strolled along, my arm round her waist, I suggested we went into the adjacent field… She did not seem to resist, so I steered her towards the five bar gate. “Am I supposed to climb that?” she exclaimed, in mock outrage. “I’ll help you”, I said, to which she responded: “I bet you will!”

I clambered smartly over the gate and took up position the other side. Angela glared at me – and put one foot on the bottom rail. She was wearing a shortish, pleated red shirt, which already afforded me a view into her plump legs. Gradually, she worked her way up to the fourth rail, from which she would have to swing her leg over….

I stood ready as her foot left the rail and came up and over. As her leg began to pass over the top bar, I was afforded a wonderful moonlight view between her legs. She appeared to be wearing white nylon knickers, with short, elasticated legs, stretched tight over the inviting cunt that lurked beneath. I guided her foot down onto the bar below, and held her arm as she swung the other leg over the gate top bar.

I stood there facing her pleated red skirt, which I lifted slightly to get a better look at her knickers. “You rotter!”, she cried. She moved one foot down a rail and then went to put the other straight onto the ground. Unbeknown to me or her, her skirt hem had snagged somewhere up on the gate, so as she stepped down, her skirt stood still – and rode right up over her bum to reveal an expanse of white nylon

I rushed forward to unhook the skirt, but could not find where it was caught – probably because I my hand was up the inside it, making for the top of her knickers.. I ran my fingers around the waist elastic, then let it travel down over her tummy and between her legs, which were unwillingly somewhat splayed. I could feel her pubic hair and cunt lips through the nylon, which was now starting to get moist in response to my pressure. As I sneaked a finger under the knicker elastic and wheedled gently into her by now very wet cunt, I put my other hand round over her breast and kissed her neck. Despite her awkward position, She forced her head round to find my lips and we kissed passionately and all the while I finger fucked her

Eventually, we released each other and I did unhook her skirt. We walked just a few yards and flung ourselves down in the ripe wheat of the field beyond the gate. We lay spread-eagled and started kissing as my hand made straight under her skirt – this time up over the waistband of her knickers and down the front so that my whole hand was inside them, the back of it resting against the wet crotch material. As I gently inserted one and then two fingers to get her love juice flowing, her hand was getting my trousers undone and soon she was easing my rock hard prick out of my Y fronts. She tugged the foreskin back over the head and gently wanked me a few stroke as I pulled her knickers down over her legs. I abandoned them as soon as they had cleared one shoe; out of the corner of my eye I could see them hanging like a limp flag form her left ankle

I put myself on my back and eased her into a straddling position over me. My hand returned to her now wonderfully exposed crotch and I finger fucked her a few strokes to get her ‘primed’. She already had my prick in my hand and was ‘lining it up’. I pushed gently against her cunt lips and my pricked slid effortlessly onto that wonderful cave. With that done, I could now concentrate on getting my hands inside her blouse and to the clasp of her bra, which I deftly released. I felt her pretty big tits drop down so I took one in each hand, kneading the nipples. We kissed violently as my prick thrust in and out. It wasn’t long before I sensed the point of no return approaching, so I gave an extra big heave as my load of cum sprang up inside her.

Angela seemingly deflated onto me, my slowly subsiding prick still inside her. Eventually, we separated and made ourselves tidy – I even helped her put her other foot through the knicker leg and pull them up over her tummy

All those memories flooded back as I saw Angela sitting outside a pub, with a girl friend. She must be in her early thirtie now, and putting on a bit of weight, though that did not make her any less appealing… continued?