4 Mar 2019

Meeting Elizabeth and Steve Pt2

A Younger guy got up from a group sat opposite and came across to where Elizabeth and I were seated, Sorry he said, Do I know you? I said no I don’t think so. To which Elizabeth said “maybe, I come to Brighton quite a lot”. That sent my mind swirling with the idea that the two of them do this quite a bit. The guy smiled and went back to his group. There was a lot of staring and a few giggles that would’ve been more suited to a group of Hen party goers. Brighton was a vibrant place and meeting up with Elizabeth had sent my mind in a whirl. What should we do? Do we walk the streets for a few hours to see if Steve was indeed, coming back. All I was intent on doing at this stage of the day was to see what this image of stunning beauty was wearing underneath of her flowing summer attire. Drink I said Elizabeth? She didn’t answer. Shall I get some more drinks I said again, she seemed to snap out of a daydream Yes, Yes please Sorry I was miles away. Off I went to the bar, as soon as I’d left my seat the guy was back from the other table. I needed to get back and quickly. I asked the barman if he could bring our dinks over to the table, he said he would. As I turned to face the table I saw what I thought was a note being passed to Elizabeth. The guy was soon gone. I asked what he wanted and she said he left his number and said he would be at a certain club later If “WE” wanted to join them?

A little suspicious I sat down and our drinks arrived. Let’s get these down and go to one of our rooms I suggested. OK said Elizabeth, but first I need to call Steve. She was talking on the phone and said my room number down the phone. Obviously letting Steve know that she was OK and where we would be if he arrived back and couldn’t see us. Off we set and my mind was racing. Was I going to get into her underwear, or not. In the lift we were stood opposite each other. Elizabeth suddenly lifted her skirt and I could see clearly that she had knickers on but they looked strange, suddenly she slid her hand into her Knickers and stuck her finger straight into herself. Wtf. My dick nearly left the comfort of my trousers. She then looked at me as the door opened and a gentleman got in his head was tilted under his fedora. Taste this Darling she said, This is the new flavour I’ve got for you to try today. I was shocked but the guy never even turned around he just stared at the door which soon opened. He left and we followed out but turned left as he went right. I still had the taste of Elizabeth on my tongue, it was fucking incredible. I wasn’t expecting that to happen we were soon at the door of my room. I could hear voices coming from down the corridor and suggested that we get inside quickly. We had just got inside as the rowdy crew passed by. As soon as we were in the door Elizabeth dropped to her knees and fumbled with y fly and belt. Let me help you and get these things off. She stood back to her feet and nearly sucked my face off. Holy mother of Charles I thought. We were stuck together for a minute or two when she said “Fuck me in the Ass. NOW! Well I wasn’t going to say no, this was actually in my plan for later, so I had to reassess. She was gagging for cock. I laid her face down on the bed pulled her amazing Silk Knickers to one side and slid my cock into her beautiful tight bud. I had to spit a little to assist entry, but in it went. MMMMMMMMMmmm. In and out in slow motion, then she said she wanted to suck me off, I was relieved at her request as another second or so she would’ve had a load in her Ass. I teased her with it when I took it out, purely to give me time to bring myself down from boiling point. It worked and we lay there on the bed with my cock in her mouth being manipulated by her experienced tongue. I had to tell her that I was close to letting fly, her response was oh well if you do then I’m off back to my room.

Well I couldn’t let this happen as I knew she had a number in her pocket, from the guy in the bar. He wouldn’t be far away I’m sure. So I steadied the pace and buried my face in her Silk Knickers, there was a definite musky smell down there with a stain along one side of the gusset where my cock had been running along that side, in and out of her Ass. She was soaked so I licked away like a child with a cone, all too aware that if I stopped it would be wasted like the ice cream of a child on a summers day. She erupted into and orgasm that soaked me my face like I had just shaved but not towelled myself yet! Her Knickers were dripping now. As she came down from her cauldron of heated abandon she turned to me and said” I need you inside me, Right inside me and then to pump me full of your protein supply” She was sounding like she was possessed. Oh well I thought In for a penny in for a pound. I slid my well lubricated Cock into her wetness she was surprisingly tight but I assumed this was part of the orbit she had just returned from. In and out as slowly as I could, she said “stop fucking teasing me and get yourself some steam up”. WOW she was back she was a different woman. I rammed home and she let out a cry as she hit the heights again. Off she travelled on the end of my spike the one that was to soon resemble the Harpoon that ended Moby Dick. A torrent of cum rushed from within me into the folds deep within her.

We lay there for a minute or so and as we looked each other in the eye I said to her Where Is Steve anyway? She said he’ll be in our room with the boys waiting for me to call them. It was then I remembered the man in the lift who didn’t turn around when she put her cum soaked hand to my mouth. That was Steve. Fuck I thought, and the rowdy guys that passed us in the corridor when we arrived at my room, they were the guys form the bar! Fuck. I was so engrossed in what I was wanting to happen I was oblivious of everything else going on around me. Now she said we can do this here or in my room. It’s up to you, but wherever it happens you will be watching with Steve. There are four young studs in there with my husband waiting to show you both how to pilot a woman to another planet. My cock hardened at the tone of her voice, and I agreed to go to hers. She made the call. This was happening, right here right now. As we got up and walked to the lift I had a desire to be very daring I couldn’t help myself. We got into the lift and I had to feel her up she was soaked through it was surprisingly hot in her folds and my hand was awash. There were people in the lift and they must’ve known something was up as Elizabeth said to me ”what Flavour today Darling”

Is it very Creamy? Tbc

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