Written by lucky guy

1 Nov 2004

I wrote an advert on here some months ago and got several replies, but only one eventually led to a meeting.

This guy answered I arranged to meet him in a local pub.

When I arrived here was only one couple there in the room we had agrred to meet so I sat down with a drink, thinking, yes once again a let down.

As I sat I noticed that the female of the pair was looking across quiet a lot and then she got up and passing close by went to the toilet.

She came back minutes later and he got up and also went.

Whilst he was away the woman started to adjust her skirt and doing so I got a glimpse of a lot of flesh above, yes stockings not tights.

He returned and sat down and again she kept wriggling and then sitting half facing me, opened her legs so I could see well up her short skirt and then as she knew I was looking, licked her lips.

I didn't take my gaze from her and she then began to widen her knees until she was sitting with them really wide and I could see well up her skirt.

Her husband then put his arm round her and pulled her close to him whispering in her ear.

Next she slid her hand under her skirt and I could see she was fingering herself.

Then taking her hand out she put it to his face and I saw him sucking her fingers.

I sat transfixed watching all this going on then as she returned to her fingering herself I couldn't help but lick my lips immagining what she would taste like.

After a few more minutes she stood up agin and set off towards the toilet, only to my suprise as she passed she paused close in front of me,and put her fingers to my lips.

I could smell her juices on them and was just about to kiss or lick them when she carried on her journey.

Looking across at the husband I could see he had his hand rubbing his crutch and watching me so I did the same.

I was already rock hard by this time.

She came back and as she passed she told me to go and sit with them, which of course I did.

What happened after that is part two so look out for it