Written by ian and julie

23 May 2004

my wife julie has spent the last 15 years trying to climb the career ladder after courses etc when the kids were getting older and is now wll and truly a career girl..about 10 years ago she was pushing hard for promotion to a personal secretary..and one of the managers was showing more than a passing interest. more in her body than her credentials for the job..he had made it quite obvious that he fancied her..and she played up to this..by dressing in ever shorter skirts and flirting around him...with my blessing i must add..as she was heading for a higher paid job than mine,,and the thought of no more overtime!!.jue would often tell me of his comments about having her under him..and his repeated threats to spank her if she was working for him..which turned me on so much...probably best here to cut a very long story short..and say that she has been mr.x.s p.a.for a long time now..and gets grabbed and groped on a regular basis..and spanked ..over his knee and over the desk..im sure he would love to fuck her..but she really doesnt fancy him at all..he is short fat and bald. with a bit of b.o. her playing around and flirting turns us both on ..a nd the sex we have as we talk of the boss and the secretary...!!!