Written by AJ

29 Jan 2005

Just a short erotic memory frommy University days I thought I'd share with you

It was the mid-eighties and my girlfriend Becca and I were students, just moved into our first flat. She was a size 10 brunette, horny in the bedroom and living up to her student teacher image by being very proper everywhere else! Her sister Sarah was a stunner too, slimmer with bigger tits and with a real twinkle in her eye.

Becca and Sarah got summer jobs and Sarah came to stay, an awkward arrangement not made any easier by Sarah's habit of walking around in her knickers and walking in on me in the bath. I would love to have had a threesome with them both but I knew it was never going to happen: Becca thought Sarah was angelic and that would really have spoiled the myth.

Sex was not on the agenda often either as Becca was a real screamer and shy about her sister being in the next room. I was 20 and permanently gagging!

Anyway, Becca relented one night and although she kept the noise down as I fucked her from behind it was obvious that Sarah could hear it all. Once I'd shot my load Becca fell asleep but I was still feeling horny.

I slid out of bed and went to listen outside Sarah door which had a odd lock and never shut tight. I wasn't suprized to hear rustling sheets but my heart had started pumping so hard that I could hardly hear for the pounding in my ears. I calmed my breathing and stood for maybe twenty minutes while Sarah masturbated. What a marathon session. I then thought "what the hell" and pushed the door open slightly.

She looked straight over at me in the doorway and seemed a bit shocked but didn't day anything as she was clearly well on the way to coming. I whispered to her "do you want some help" and she guided my hand under the covers onto her cunt. Smoother than Becca's with shaved lips it was as wet as Becca had ever been. She held my hand in place for maybe two minutes rocked herself against me, shuddered, breathed hard, said "thanks" and rolled over. I was dismissed.

I went back to bed but could hardly sleep. The next morning, tired from the previous night I slept in, Becca went to work and Sarah busied herself making tea, bringing me a cup once Becca had left. We slept on a futon and standing in the bay window with the light behind her as we chatted I could sea straight through the long t-shirt she wore in bed. My God! Her pussy lips were individually outlined and must have been an inch long. She stood for five minutes, finished her tea and left to change for work.

I couldn't believe what I'd seen and had a huge hard-on. I stoked myself while listening to Sarah shower and dress, even speaking to her from next door as I stoked harder. I heard her pick-up her keys and thought she must be leaving. I rolled onto my back to finish myself off and pulled down the covers just at the moment that she walked in saying to tell me she was off to work now...She didn't look shocked just stared at my cock and then at my face. "Oh you poor thing" she said "have I been teasing you". With that she put down her bag, suit and coat still on, knelt on the bed and took my cock almost completely into her mouth.

I'd like to say it lasted half-an-hour but I'd be surprized looking back if it lasted a minute. She didn't move, no head bobbing like Becca, just constant pressure. I tried to pull away as I felt my balls tighten but she looked me straight in the eye and winked. I shot my load straight into her mouth, she gulped twice, something her sister rarely did, then kissed me on the forhead got up, wiped her mouth on her hand and swept out of the room and the house. I was in shock.

It never happened again. I did see her in every piece of underwear she owned, including a memorable night with Becca sitting on one side of me on the Sofa and Sarah sitting in a chair next to me watching TV, her feet on my legs giving me a clear view of her pussy up the leg of some boxer shorts she'd taken from me.

More stories of my time with Becca but probably none I think back on as often as this!