Written by Jillian

24 Sep 2008

I watched Bens head move up and down on the chaps cock as he undid his trousers.The chap lifted his teeshirt over his head and removed it,stepping out of his trousers as he did so. I watched as Ben pushed his briefs to his ankles, still continueing to suck on his cock.

Ben was good. I watched as he came slowly up tracing his tongue up the chaps belly,inserting it in his bellybutton , then to his nipples ,his tongue playing with them in turn.

They were mouth to mouth,the first time I had seen two men kiss. Their cocks were pressed together as they girated against each other. I looked at my watch,it was just 5 past 7, I could hardly believe I had seen so much in such a short time.

My pussy was soaking, I don,t think my clitty was ever as hard and pronounced. I had lost count of how many times I had come off already. It crossed my mind that normaly at this time I would be lying on my bed just wanking myself off before going for my shower.

I watched as the chap went on his knees and took Bens cock in his mouth,his hands holding his arse cheeks in a tight grip. It was obvious Ben was manouvering the situation to allow me the best possible view. I hoped Ben was as good as his word and would not allow himself to be sucked off.

He knew what he was doing,he pulled his cock from the chaps mouth. I was seriously coming again as I saw Bens cock and balls almost glistening from the chaps saliva. I wasn,t really prepare for the next move,the chap turned Ben around and started to probe his arse with his cock.

I didn,t know if Ben actually took it up him. I was suddenly reminded of my ex husbands attempt to enter me from the rear,funnily it might have been one of the things I enjoyed. I remember him using my pussy juices to lubricate my arsehole,I wanted him to put his fingers in but he didn,t,instead he just started to push his cock into me.

He just about got an inch of his cock up me when he just spunked,in the process his jerking cock came out, most of his spunk being lodged between my cheeks,I remember feeling disappointed. He never tried it again.

As I watched Ben put his hand back and gently took the chaps cock from his arsehole,have you a condom I heard him whisper. The chap was ready, I watched as he got a condom from his pocket and handed it to Ben and offered him his cock. I watched, in almost disbelief,as Ben rolled the condom onto his now visibly throbbing,precum oosing cock. Again Ben was in a perfect viewing position.

Supporting himself against the wall with both hands I got a full view of his beautiful hairless puckered arsehole. I watched as he took precum from mis cock and lubricated himself.The chap positioned his sisable cock to Bens now twitching hole and gently pushed in, there was no resistance,it slid into him. I knew I was moaning loudly,but I didn,t care.I thought I was going to pass out as my body underwent the most violent orgasm I had ever experienced.

His cock was pumping in and out of Bens hole. I watched as Ben put his hand back between his legs and took the chaps balls in his hand. The pumping got faster and faster,yet his cock never left Bens hole. Ben let go of his balls and I watched them bang in and out between Bens legs,I,m sure they were banging against his balls.

Suddenly his pumping stopped,his cock pushed deeply into Ben,his pubic region almost burying itself between Bens cheeks. His arms went around Ben and gripped him tightly. His jerking body was emptying itself inside Ben,his arse cheeks in a muscular spasm. I watched as his grip loosened and he pulled his cock from Bens hole,removing the condom and dropping it in the toilet. Ben tore off toilet paper and handed it to him ,I watched as he cleaned his rapidly declining cock. Ben stood wanking himself,making sure I could see. Footsteps on the gravel indicated an arrival, I looked at my watch,it was 25past7. The new arrival was already at the urinal as the chap next door finished dressing himself,as he left the cubicle he pushed the door fully open, Ben was still standing there wanking himself, the chap at the urinal turned towards him an already erect and very large cock in his hand.

Ben made no attempt to close the door. I had a sudden impulse to open my door. I suddenly had no inhibitions,I suddenly understood that this was man fun,perhaps I didn,t need to just watch through a hole in a door,I could be part of what was happening.

I opened my door and stood with my legs apart wanking myself my tits bobbing up and down. Ben came from his cubicle wanking himself as he did so and said OK Jillian,enjoying youself so far,loving it I said. The chap at the urinal looked confused,looking at both of us in turn,Ben,still completely naked, walked towards him and took his cock in his hand and started to wank him, that quickly eased the situation.

Maybe a little too much so, it must have been too much for him,this was a really quick wank,the chaps body suddenly started jerking and spitting spunk , he must have lasted all of three minutes. He quickly pulled up his tracksuit bottoms and left.

Ben and I stood there laughing, gently wanking ourselves. We both knew it was time to go. I,ll phone you he said,I take it you would like to take this a step further.Yes I said, I feel I want to learn more about you,you,ve already taught me so much about myself. I want to be more involved ,not just a spectater. We have already moved on.