Written by Jillian

22 Sep 2008

I wasn,t sure that giving my phone number to a total stranger was a wise move,but there was something about watching a man wanking himself off, dressed in just a pair of womens undies that got to me.

He did phone me the following day. Hello he said,my name is Ben,we met at the layby yestrday. I was really nervous,can I talk he asked,yes I whispered. Whats your name he asked, Jillian I replied.

That was brilliant ,he said, I,ve litterally had an erection since our encounter, regardless of how many times I,ve wanked myself off,even as I,m talking to you I,m naked, just wearing the same lace undies, I,d like us to meet and have some more fun.

I could feel my pussy tingling as he spoke,I was just wearing my dressing gown. I slipped my fingers in and and played with my hardening clitty.I heard him say ,I nearly came off then,would you like me to wank myself off while we,re talking and you,re telling me what you,re doing to yourself.

I was feeling less nervous as he spoke,I,m wanking myself I said,my pussy is wide open my clitty is hard and throbbing,you said you know some toilets can we arrange to meet.

Great, he said, I know a really good place,you have my word it,s safe, there are cubicles which are often used by chaps who just like to watch, I find that early morning is a great time,probably chaps waking up horny needing a suck or a wank.

We arranged to meet at 6.30 the following morning. As I drove, I was,nt sure I,d made the right decision. Nevertheless my pussy was tingling and I could feel the dampness between my legs. Just one car was parked up, I took a deep breath and headed towards the entry. My footsteps sounded very noisey on the gravel path,I was shaking.

Composing myself I entered, Ben was standing at the urinal,I was so relieved it was him. He smiled and turned towards me,his hand holding his rock hard cock, good morning Jillian ,he said, I was hoping you would come,nice to see you I replied, my eyes fixed firmly on his cock.

He pushed his trousers down to reveal a cute pair of very pale pink womens undies, like them he asked,mmm I replied.It could get a little busy soon, as you can see that cubicle has a decent hole in the door,you,ll get a great view.

I walked in the cubicle and with the door still open removed my blouse. He stood facing me ,wanking himself,his balls out of the undies,moving up and down with his wanking motions. His shiny smoothness facinated me. I slipped my jeans off and stood in just my bra and briefs.

I slipped my hand inside my briefs and started wanking myself, he was breathing and wanking faster,don,t bring yourself off I said. I,ve already come off very early this morning,so I,m ready for a long session he replied. I removed my bra and briefs and stood naked my legs wide apart,my fingers deep in my pussy, I was coming off as we heard footsteps on the gravel,he quickly turned to the urinal,I shut the door and continued to come,my juices running down my legs.

I sat on the toilet and looked through the hole. The chap who had just entered was probably in his 50s. I saw his head turn and glance at Ben. It was obvious he was playing with his cock.Ben turned towards him, to be immediately taken in hand, the hand moving down to fondle and squeese his balls. Then back up and wank him.

As he turned towards Ben I got the first sight of his hard cock which he was wanking with his left hand. Ben took it from him and started to wank him fast, he undid his jeans and let them drop to the floor. He raised his hands to Bens head inviting him to go down.

I watched as Bens tongue licked the swollen head, then opening his mouth took most of the throbbing shaft in. He moved smoothly up and down. I looked at the chaps face, I knew he was near to coming, he grabbed Bens head and started to pump his cock into his mouth.

I saw Ben gag as his mouth was being filled,I was moaning loudly as I had multible comings.

His cock was almost limp when he took it from Bens mouth. I watched as Ben emptied a huge mouthfull of spunk into the urinal, he looked towards my door and smiled. The chap was quickly gone.

I opened my door ,sitting on the toilet I forced my legs as far apart as I could, I wanted Ben to see as far as he could up my pussy. I,m going in the next cubicle to get naked he said,you can watch through the hole in the partition wall, I,ll get some guys naked and wank or suck them off for you to watch.

I watched through the hole as he stripped off,including the undies,it was the first time I saw him totally naked,his body was completely hairless, including his underarms. His cock was oosing precum.

Footsteps on the gravel announced an arrival. He was a youngish chap, I watched as I,m sure Ben did.He stood at the urinal,then his look at both doors said he was interested. He showed himself to both doors,he was working on a semi erect cock,he stood with his back to the urinal as he brought himself to full erection.

I heard Bens door being opened, I looked through ,his door was wide open,he was standing facing the urinal wanking. I heard the chap approach him and saw the hand encircle his cock,then join him in the cubicle, I just knew this was going to be good,as I watched Ben go down and take another cock in his mouth. More to come.