Written by Gillian

29 Sep 2008

We enjoyed some more wanking in the travelodge. I was becoming more and more fascinated by Bens cock. It began to cross my mind that though we had agreed on no touching fun, I was beginning to fancy having Bens cock inside me.

W made arrangements to meet for some evening fun at a toilets he knew. When I arrived back at my flat,I stood looking at myself in the mirror,suddenly realising there was something I needed to do. My pussy hair was neatly trimmed,but still concealed my lips. I soaped myself and got my rasor.

I was amased how horny it felt to shave between my legs,I completed the task with hair removal cream. Suddenly as I rubbed my fingers over my pussy I understood why Ben removed his hair,the touching sensation becomes so much more intense. My pussy lips swelled to my touch,I opened them apart and took my clitty in my fingers.

My juices were running. I was remembering Bens arsehole being penetrared by that chaps cock, I slipped my hand between my cheeks and gently fingered my own arsehole. I lay on my bed allowing my juices to flow back between my cheeks.

I inserted one finger,followed by a second and then a third. The orgasms were flowing through my body. My eyes closed,in my fantasy it was Bens cock gently pushing in and out of my arsehole,god,how I wished it was.

It was great to see him when we arrived at the toilets. There,s a chap already inside he said,he,s been there for a while,I,ve been in ,he,s wanking himself, I think he was a little disappointed when I came back out,he,s obviously keen,lets go in.

He walked ahead of me,the chap turned and looked, I don,t it registered I was a woman. Ben went to the urinal, I went in a cubicle,there were three.I stripped naked and fondled my silky smooth pussy,my clitty already throbbing.

I heard somebody enter the next cubicle,there were several holes in the partition,I found a good one. He was standing with his back to me,I was willing him to turn towards me ,he did,he was fully erect. I breathed deeply ,loud enough for him to hear.

He undid his trousers and with his undies pushed them to his ankles,he hitched up his teeshirt,he was hairy. I watched as he pushed his hips towards me and slowly wanked himself.I,m loving the variety of mens organs. This chap hasn,t got a big cock but his balls are hanging down all of four inches, as he wanks they swing backwards and forwards between his legs.

I need to see whats happening with Ben. I look through the hole in the door,he,s already kneeling in front of the chap sucking his cock,his own cock in his hand, wanking himself slowly. He glances towards my door and smiles. I,d almost forgotten about the chap in the cubicle ,I was moaning loudly as came off.

I looked back through the partition,the door was wide open, he was watching Ben sucking as he wanked himself. I opened my door,the chap Ben was sucking just stared at me,I think he was just about to come off anyway,Ben made sure he did, his head moving up and down faster and faster.

Suddenly the only thing on the chaps mind was his own spunk shooting from his cock into Bens mouth,I was aware that Ben was swallowing on this occasion,and he continued to suck until the chap pulled his cock away. I was suddenly aware that the chap from the cubicle was out of his door,his eyes fixed on my fingers pushing in and out of my pussy.

Not a word was said as he wanked himself faster and faster,his long balls swinging in all directions. For some reason I had an urge to hold Bens cock,I walked to him,I think he knew what I was going to do. I felt him tremble as my fingers encircled his rigid manhood,suddenly his hands were gripping mine,squeesing then tightly onto his cock.

We were oblivious to the other chap until he suddenly started grunting,we both watched as his cock exploded covering the floor with his spunk. Suddenly I wanted Ben inside me,he knew. Lets do it here he said with a smile on his face.