Written by Jillian

15 Oct 2008

Following on from my new found sexual fulfillment,of feeling good about watching men wanking each other off and the support of Ben in facilitating this, I am now enjoying some great sexual encounters.

I,ve been to Ben,s flat on a few occasions,sexually he,s great fun to be with,I feel like I own his cock,he allows me to whatever I fancy with it and I let him do whatever he fancies with my pussy.

He invited me around last week, said he had a surprise. I shaved my pussy and applied the hair removing cream,I was as smooth and soft as I could get.While I was doing it I was imagining Ben,s shaven cock and balls, the last time we were together I applied hair removing cream to all his body,he felt fantastic,as I showered him I wanked him off.

He saw me coming,he opened the door as I got to it. He was completely naked,I was right he was completely smooth,he already had a rock solid erection,which he was playing with as he greeted me. I followed him into the lounge,having seen his cock so keen I had forgotten he mentioned a surprise,sitting on the arm of the armchair was another young man,he too was completely naked,his cock ,a similar size to Ben,s. was also fully erect.

I must admit I was a little taken aback. I heard Ben say, Jillian meet Tom. He stood up and offered me his hand,his cock standing straight up against his tummy,I quickly noticed his neatly trimmed pubic hair but completely smooth balls, which hung down quite low. We met,so to say, at the toilets,Ben said,like what you see?, yes I replied,Tom was still holding my hand,I could see his cock was throbbing,he moved my hand onto it,it was hot,he definitly was,nt the shy type.

I felt Ben press against me from behind,his cock nussling against my arse. His hands came around me and started undoing my blouse, I released Tom,s cock and allowed my blouse to be removed,Ben undid my bra and released my tits,they were already standing up stiffly. Tom put my hand back on his twitching cock and and took both my nipples in his fingers, I felt my juices flow and an orgasm go through my body. Ben undid my pants and pushed them down,I stepped out of them. I was only wearing a thong,I felt Ben,s cock press deep between my cheeks, I slipped my free hand by the side of my knicks in between my legs and rubbed hard on my clitty,I was coming again.

Tom moved closer to me,his cock pushing in and out of my hand. Ben moved back a little, I heard him reach in the drawer, I knew what he was going to do. I felt his fingers go inside the side of my thong,I felt the coldness of the scissors as he cut the material,then the other side.My thong fell away. I spread my legs apart, I felt Ben,s finger apply the KY, I felt his finger push into me,I loved it. I felt the tip of his cock touch my arsehole and push in.

Almost simultaniously Tom,s cock pushed up into my pussy. I felt my feet leaving the floor,I was beautifully balanced between two cocks. Ben and Tom locked their arms around me,I was the meat in their sandwich,they pumped together,both grunting loudly. Don,t come yet please, I said, I want more and more and more,keep fucking me for as long as you want.