Written by Jillian

20 Oct 2008

They were lifting up and down on their cocks, I was coming crasily. Ben was first to let go,I,m coming he growled as I felt his cock swell in my arsehole and his spunk crash through his shaft. His grip tightened on both of us as he pumped his cock deeper into me. Suddenly Tom was fucking my pussy faster,Ben had stopped coming as Tom let his spunk go,harder and harder he pushed in and out of me,filling me with his spunk. They lowered me to the floor,both their cocks leaving my body. God\' did we need to clean up.

All three of us showered and shiney,Ben suggested we stay for a takeaway. He ordered pizzas, we sat around naked having a glass of wine. I watched them sat on the couch ,their legs apart ,both their cocks very similar,Ben,s balls the larger. I sat with my legs apart,they laughed as they commented on my open pussy,I spread my lips apart with my fingers to give them a better view,I felt myself coming.

They knew I was coming, both their cocks coming alive between their legs,they both just sat there watching each others cocks reach full erections,we were all laughing. The door bell rang,you had better go Jillian, Ben said, I slipped his dressing gown on.

We enjoyed our meal. I,ve got an idea Ben said,fancy a worms eye view Jillian,try me I replied. Lie on your back on the bed, he said,I did.Ben climbed onto the bed and placed a knee either side of my shoulders,I was staring up at his smooth balls and his erect cock,I kept my hands by my side.

They were both giggling,Ben bent over me,supporting himself on his hands. Tom put his hand between Ben,s legs and wanked him,don,t muck about Ben said,you know what I want. Tom climbed on the bed behind Ben and lowered himself to his knees,I definitly had a worms eye view of both of them,precum dripped from Ben,s cock onto my breasts. Tom rubbed copious amounts of KY onto his cock,even coating his balls,then wanked himself.

Please Tom ,Ben said. I watched as Tom guided his cock between Ben,s cheeks. I watched Ben,s cock twitch rapidly as Tom,s cock pushed between them,more precum spilling onto my tits. Ben,s back arched as I watched Tom,s cock push into him. He pushed fully in,their balls were touching. I watched as Tom moved in and out slowly at first,then faster,grunting louder with each thrust,their balls were hitting off each others.

Ben was fucking thin air,I reached up and took his cock in a tight grip with both my hands.He started to fuck my hands. Tom was slapping into him,his cock coming almost out before ramming back in again. I watched as Tom,s cock went in and stayed in,pushing as deep as he could. His arms came around Ben,s waist,gripping him tightly,I watched his balls jerking rapidly as he filled Ben with his spunk.I felt Ben,s cock swell in my hands, I squeesed tighter. His spunk left him with force,I held onto his jerking cock until he stopped spunking,I was soaked in his red hot juice. I let go of his cock and wanked myself hard,I was still coming as I watched them disengage and get off the bed,they watched me until I collapsed.

I smiled at both of them,that was brilliant, I said,I loved it. The pleasure was all ours Tom replied,we were laughing again.