Written by Stuart

28 Apr 2005

Alice & I enjoyed talking about fantasies as we made love. It was a great way of building the tension. We would delay coming for hours sometimes just telling and enhancing stories of what we wanted. She was wonderful in bed and would explore all sorts of ideas, however one we both really loved was the idea of picking up a guy in a hotel and spending hours in MFM fun.

We would tell each other the whole story from finding him, reeling him in and then what she wanted to happen to her and what I wanted to see happening to her. It was always a fantasy and when she was back to earth after an orgasm said she felt it would stay that way as she would so nervous.

Anyway an "opportunity" presented itself when I was asked to do a minor job in Leicester that would involve two nights in a hotel. Alice agreed to come and stay "secretly" in the room. It meant that the whole plan would be clandestine and added an bit of extra spice. We checked in at the Leicester PostHouse and booked for dinner. We went to the local retail park to buy some wine and Bacardi Breezers to drink in our room and to stop us falling into bed and fucking before the evening as the drive to Leicester had been enough build up for us. We spent a little while just wandering around M&S. Anyway armed with our drinks we went back to get ready.

As we showered it was really exciting to be talking about going down to the restaurant and hoping one guy would be eating on his own. As this was an affair and we rarely got to spend the night together it was also great just being able to do the normal getting ready stuff!

Alice wore a dress with buttons down the front. She could then undo buttons, top and bottom as the evening went. Alice is only 5ft 2in tall and a dress size 18, a real woman. She has 40DD breasts that are magnificent. She is blond, bubbly and very good at making people feel at ease in her company. She also has the most gorgeous "bedroom eyes".

That night rather than her all in 1 teddy she generally wore she wore a bra that really emphasised her tits and no panties. She wanted to be able to feel herself getting wet and in any case nearly always went knickerless when she could. The dress was fastened so that her cleavage was clearly on view, without being over the top and a few of the buttons below were undone so it would open to reveal her thighs if she crossed her legs as she demonstrated whilst we talked.

It seemed surreal, watching her put on her make up as we talked about hoping to find a "stranger" who would later be fucking her! As we prepared to leave the room I checked that this was still OK with her, she placed my hand on her cunt lips and the moist opening told me what I needed to know.

We walked to the restaurant and I suppose I expected this to fail, with no man eating on his own. When we looked in there was a guy, a little younger than us sitting reading a book. Alice and I made our way to the vacant table next to him. The waiter was rushing after us to take our number, but even if he wanted to he was not going to divert us from this table.

As we sat down our "companion" did not move from his book. Alice looked at me and mouthed "he's OK" and then turning toward him said something like "I hope the service is not so slow that you started that book tonight!" I was hardly able to hear for the excited buzz in my ears. He looked up slightly puzzled and then smiled,

"No, the service isn't bad in here early on, that's why I try to get in early" "Oh good" I heard myself saying.

Alice and I then discussed the menu, after a time Alice turned to our "friend" again and said, "If you have eaten here before is there anything that is particularly good?"

He looked surprised, but offered the advice that all these places were much the same, but he was trying the Chefs Special as the waiter had said it was good tonight.

What followed was a conversation that we all joined in. We found out his name was Allan, he was married and showed us a picture of his two kids, 7 and 5. When his meal arrived we let him get on with it and talked to each other.

Every now and then we included him in our conversation by asking a question. Eventually we got to talking about the price of drinks in the bar and he volunteered that he brought his own drinks in to his room, we laughed and said that was what we had done. It was then that I heard myself suggest we meet up in the bar for a drink after dinner if he would like. Amazingly he said "yes, that would be great"

Alice moved her bare foot up my leg and into my groin and the smile on her face was both excited and nervous.

He finished his meal and left, saying he would see us in the bar. The rest of our meal was a blur of silences and conversations about confirming what we had agreed would happen after the drink. We skipped the sweet course. Alice told me she was very wet and I was hard and finding it uncomfortable but very exciting. We left the restaurant in silence.

As we entered the bar we both immediately saw he was not there. Probably just as well I heard myself saying, but disappointed does not explain how we both felt. I went to the bar and got a couple of drinks and then on my way back saw Allan stride in, he looked and then made straight to where Alice was sitting.

"Can I get you a drink" I said. Alan wanted red wine and I left them, but I was watching all the time to see how it was going. Alice was laughing, great that meant it was going well already. She was also crossing her legs to reveal a bit more thigh "accidentally of course".

The agreement was after a few minutes chatting if Alice wanted to take this all the way she would go to the ladies. I would then ask Allan if he fancied going to the room "rather than paying bar prices" lame but at least partly true.

"Sorry I need to go to the ladies" Alice said standing up. As she moved away my throat went dry and I was just about to lean forward to ask Allan when three guys came over and started a talking to him. They were obviously people he knew quite well and they were on their way to dinner. I was introduced and this whole conversation was still going on when Alice returned. I noticed that another lot of buttons had been undone, but her face was a picture. Not sure whether she was frightened I had rounded up a group for a gang bang or disappointed that the evening was going pear shaped.

Anyway when his friends eventually went I then said to Allan perhaps we could have the next drink upstairs as the wine we had was much better that the house red! There was a long pause and the reply was not what we wanted. "Look you go ahead, I have one or two things to do tonight, if you are staying another night perhaps I'll catch you tomorrow"

We smiled probably quite weakly and left the bar to go upstairs. We hardly spoke, I said some useless, "what will be" nonsense and Alice muttered about I would have to work twice as hard as she was so fucking horny.... so every cloud etc.

We got to our room and opened our drinks as we sat and talked about what had happened. We were both turning each other on and stroking each other as we talked and drank. We had the trusty jello vibrator so we could use that as a second cock. Taking it very slowly to build up the tension and make the most of our near miss. Then the phone ran."Hi Stuart, look it's Allan, is that drink still on?" I heard the voice say.

"Yes of course. Why the change of heart?"

"Oh all work and no play, anyway see you in 5 mins"

As I put the phone down I was almost unable to speak. Alice was quick to outline a new plan for when he arrived, then there was a knock at the door. "How did he know which room" I said

Allan held out a bottle of red wine already opened with 3 glasses. We talked some more, I cannot recall what about footie, or something inane. Alice was throwing the wine back, getting dutch courage, she then went to the loo which was again my sign.

"Look Allan, I don't know how you feel about "swinging", but Alice and I want to try a 3some." His mouth started to open, but nothing came out. "I am str8 and just love the idea of seeing Alice getting double the pleasure from two guys at the same time. She is in the bathroom now and she will stay there if this is not for you or you do not fancy a real woman as some guys like stick insects. Also we are not about to break up your marriage so if you want to leave you can with no harm done"

He was searching for the words. "You do not know how nervous i felt when I phoned you. I thought it was a dream as i have always wanted to see my wife having sex with another guy. I panicked when you first suggested coming here. After I remembered your room number from when you ordered dinner and called. So i don't know what will happen, but I am just excited and amazed that this should be happening" We talked some more about his wife and kids and how he felt, but he was OK and then Alice who had obviously been listening as much as she could came back.

I am not sure what I expected to happen, but Allan stood up, whether from nerves or politeness I don't know and Alice went over to him and turned her face upwards and they started to kiss. His hands were nervously around her waist and she moved them onto her arse. It was brilliant to watch the start of what we hoped would be a great first night of MFM fun.

Alice then sat down on the end of the bed, I turned the main lights off and the she was shimmering in the glow. I knelt in front of her and undid the buttons on her dress, pulling it off her shoulders. She leaned across and started to undo the buttons on Allan's shirt. His hands then roamed over her tits finding the front fastening to her bra and releasing them. The air was electric. Her head rolled backwards as these new hands stroked her tits and cupped her massive mounds flicking her nipples with his thumb. He was breathing heavily and started to say things about how beautiful she was. What a fabulous figure and then his mouth was silenced as he took a nipple and sucked and nibbled it between his teeth

I moved behind Alice to take her dress from her and Allan moved back, "You have no knickers?" "No I have not had any all evening, it helped to get me really wet" said Alice.

She pulled him closer and whilst she kissed him she tugged at his belt and undid his fly and slipped her hand inside his pants. "That feels good" she said. "Not half as good as it make me feel" Allan said.

I started to undress behind them and then holding Alice by the shoulders gently pulled her back onto the bed. She was totally naked now, her legs bent at the knees and her thighs wide apart. Allan just had to roll forward and his lips and tongue quickly found her moist cunt lips. She looked up at me and reached out to touch my very hard prick, her eyes were soft and willing, she was in heaven, this felt so good. Her back arched as her eyes closed and her mouth opened as amazingly she started to come, she was almost silent but whispered " I am coming oh god I am coming" as Allan continued to lick and flick her clit with his tongue.

The pre-cum on the end of my prick was more that I had ever seen, she lifted her head and gently put the tip of her tongue onto it and then slowly pulled away drawing out a line of pre-cum that she then took into her mouth and swallowed. Allan was watching and then moved up her body to kiss her tits again, and then moved higher as his prick nudged against her wet cunt. "Fuck me" she said in a voice I had heard many times, but not for someone else. My prick jerked with the added excitement. Her hand moved between her legs and she guided his prick into her "My that feels really big fuck me now" she said. With that his back arched and he plunged into her with no resistance at all. She was so wet and lubricated. Her head rolled back again and she stopped breathing as he thrust in and out getting harder and harder, she was lost in a sensual fog, her body was jerking in rhythm with his and she held the bed sheet tighter and tighter as she screamed this time that she was coming. I moved my hand between their bodied and squeezed a finger onto her clit and wanked her as she was fucking. I thought I was going to come without being touched, the sights and sound was so amazing. Then almost together they came, writhing and screaming, goodness knows what any one in adjoining rooms would be thinking, and then they slowed and stopped, both moist with sweat and breathing heavily. I leaned down close to her and kissed her panting mouth.

"was that good" I said

"I think I have died and gone to heaven" she said.

"Look I am sorry" said Allan "I did not mean to come so quickly"

Alice just put her arms round him, drew him closer, kissed him and told him there was plenty of time for another go!

He lifted himself up and Alice rolled over taking me in her mouth. Lifting herself onto her knees. I was so close to coming, but wanted to hold onto it for just a little longer. as if reading my mind she raised her head and said "Do you want to try sloppy seconds and i can breathe new life into Allan?"

I was moving behind her before she had finished. I told Allan to take my place, but suggested a drink for Alice first. We all had another drink and then Alice resumed doggy position as I pushed into her cum lubricated cunt. It felt so wet, so inviting and if you have never experienced following someone else I suggest you try very hard.

Alice was licking and sucking Allan. They were talking and he was quickly getting hard again. I was thrusting into her then Allan moved to place himself under her in a 69. I felt his fingers playing with her cunt lips as I fucked her and then his head lifted and he was licking her clit and my balls must have been bouncing on his head. Alice was bobbing her head up and down his now erect prick and wanking him with one hand trying to balance on just the other.

I was not going to last long and spurted deep inside her grabbing her hips and pushing hard into her and I believe screaming all sorts of guttural noises and over blown threats and promises. As i started to come down I slipped out and my cum mingled with Allan's was dripping out in great globs. Allan did not move however he just kept on licking her clit and she kept on bobbing up and down on his prick. As she came she flopped forward gasping for air and going weak and falling on top of Allan. She rolled off and immediately made to wank Allan and took him deep into mouth. She was looking at me as she stroked and sucked him for what seemed like hours, but was probably no more than a few minutes, it just felt and looked delicious. As he started to come she kept her mouth over him, pushing him deeper in and as he came she took the first ejections and swallowed, then lifting her head opened her mouth to show his cum on her tongue. She motioned me to come closer and kissing me pushed her tongue into my mouth with his come. She then moved to Allan and did the same to him.

We were all exhausted and started to laugh. "Need another drink?" was greeted with a yes.

It was only about 40mins since Allan had arrived in the room. He had come twice in a blur of frantic sex now we all a bit calmer.

We sat around for a while just talking and Allan telling us how he would love his wife to do this. As we talked we were stroking and massaging Alice and she was gently wanking and stroking us two. We spent the next nearly 4 hours having sex in every possible position and even bringing the trusty vibrator into action. It was nearly 2am when Allan eventually left.

As we cuddled down for the night I was just so amazed at how Alice had been so calm and brave enough to go through with this and how lucky we had been in finding Allan.

Alice and i woke up at about 5am and we just could not stop fucking. When we ordered breakfast in bed it was all i could do to stop her dragging the boy who brought our tray up into bed. We had a great time reliving the night before.

Allan obviously enjoyed it too as when we checked out he had left another bottle of wine as a "Reminder and Thank You"

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