Written by jim (northampton)

15 Jan 2004

After our first threesome with my best mate john we were lying in bed talking about what had gone on my lovely wife said the felling of another man fucking her while i was watching her was a great turn on and did i fancy the same again well i had a hard on like no ones business and when i felt her shaved pussy she was dripping we had a really good fuck that night with her telling me to arrange something as soon as possible john came over to our house a week later and we all went out for a drink around northampton john was well up for it and had a little grope of her tits as the night wore on Michelle was getting pissed and she went into the ladies and took her thong off and gave it to me that was all i needed to get us home when we arrived home i closed the curtains and put on a porno while michelle went upstairs to get ready she came back downstairs wearing stockings mini skirt and a blouse she sat in between me and john and draped a leg over each of us we did not need a second invitation as john slid his hand up her leg and put two fingers straight up her i opened her blouse and started on her 36c tits after about 5 mins i stood up and stripped off i then watched as John took my wife over the setee it was a turn on watching someone else lick and fuck my darling michelle before i wanked myself to death i wanted a 69 with michelle on top so we laid on the floor and got down to it as i was licking her clit John came up behind her and slid his cock right up her i nearly came on the spot to watch his cock slide in and out of her pussy only an inch away from my face was amazing after john had come inside her the spunk started dripping from her gaping hole i eagerly lapped it all up and shot my load in her mouth