Written by Jaques D.

13 Sep 2006

My Mate and I were talking about some of the hottest experiences we had enjoyed before we started dating and I thought my encounters were the best until she topped mine for sure.

She was in the South of France for a 2 week holiday and was staying with a friend in the family Chateau. This place was a great vacation retreat cose to the coast and close to several top clubs in the area.

B told me they had a party with about 50 guests from the town including a number of great looking guys. Now B is a great looking 32 year old with a body that always brought lots of hot looks from most everyone present.

This party was no exception!! B told me that the music was great and there were lots of dancing and drinking. Several of the locals did their best to get B to go home with them BUT no one was that lucky.

Before the evening was over about 1 in the morning B had told several guys that it would be ok if they came back later that night and she would leave the door unlocked. Three of the guys were together talking about the offer and each arranged to go to B's room one at a time about one hour apart.

B told me she went to bed and as promised left the door unlocked and went asleep around 2. Sometime during the night someone entered the room without turning the lights on and climbed in bed with B. B told me she had no idea who was in her bed but it didn't take long for her friends dick to find its way in her cunt. As she was sleeping on her side she didn't even turn over to see who was there. Her friend entered her now wet cunt from behind and started to fuck her hard until his balls hardened and he unloaded his cum deep inside her. Without anyone saying a word her friend slipped out of bed and left.

After B had gone back to sleep she heard the door open and again her visitor didn't turn on the lights. He too got in bed and got behind B with a very hard dick. After letting his fingers play with her wet cunt for a few minutes he too entered B from behind (without saying a word) began to give B another really hard fuck. As her cunt was not full of cum and very hot, her second visitor didn't take long before his legs stiffened and he drove his dick deep inside B giving her a second load of cum.

YEP, you're right, about 3:30 the door opened and her final friend entered the room and got in bed with her. This time B said she wanted her friend to finish her off for the night with a much longer and harder fuck. She reached behind and took his dick in her hand and guided it to her mouth (all without turning on the lights). This final dick was by far the biggest of the three and was about 1/1 again as thick. She sucked him for several minutes without saying a word. She took his dick in her hands and guided it in her really wet and hot cunt. The only words that were exchanged were B telling him to take all he wanted and don't leave until he had given her all the cum he could send her way.

B told me that she was fucked for about an hour in every position she could imagine and with one final fuck from behind her final fuck unloaded enough cum in her to cause a mess in the bed.

About noon the next day B came down to meet the other guests who asked her how her sleep was. All she could say was GREAT bed and great party.

Now I certainly couldn't top that but it did make me want to have my turn with her and I am sure I couldn't ever measure up to this night BUT for sure I plan to try.