Written by xposure

10 Jan 2007

It was a cold Tuesday evening and we were feeling a little frisky so decided to go to a local adult cinema. Like most cinemas, it’s not a nice but we like the variety and it can sometimes be erotic being around people masturbating. When we went in it seemed deserted but a faint rustle gave it away that there was at least one other person there.

We sat around the middle of the cinema, with me sitting one row in front of Xposure (our username on SH) and slightly to her left which gave me a good view of her playing with herself, if she felt like it. For the first ten minutes or so I watched the very bad porn on the screen, until I heard a movement behind me.

I could now see that there were only three other men in the cinema. One had moved to the same row as Xpo but a few seats away, one directly behind and another at the end of my row. All three were transfixed on Xpo, who had her jeans down to her knees and was playing with herself mildly. She smiled at me teasingly and I instantly got rock hard. This was usually a little ‘tell’ that she was gonna be playful tonight.

With one hand playing with her pussy she slowly put the hand under her top to expose and play with her breasts. The guy on the same row (Matt) who seemed to be in his early thirties, moved to within one seat of Xpo, still feeling a little shy. The guy behind (Robin, 45+) decided to test Xpo and started to feel Xpos breasts. She wasn’t ready or hadn’t yet decided if she wanted to play with the guys so looked over her shoulder, gave him a lovely smile and said “Feel free to masturbate with me but no touching yet.” With that Matt moved to the seat next to Xpo and Robin jumped over to move into the other side of her. Both instantly got their cocks out and started to wank to Xpo playing with herself.

On the same row as me was Chris. He was in his early twenties and was also stoking his groin area but still had it within his trousers. He had moved closer to get a better view. This was getting a little too much for me, watching three blokes wanking to my wife. I needed to fuck her so badly but knew that if I did she may not play with anyone else, so had to hold out for as long as I could!

At some point Xpo asked Robin and Matt to help her out of her clothes and then they went back to wanking themselves but now she allowed them to stroke and feel her body every once in a while. By this point I was had my knees on my seat and my back to the screen masturbating to Xpo playing with herself and being gently felt up by two strangers. It was a sight to see, let me tell you. Chris was doing exactly what I was, taking in the view!.

Xpo could tell I was on the edge, and gave me another very cheeky smile. I thought, finally she wants me to fuck her whilst the other three wanked…Was I wrong!!