Written by xposure

10 Jan 2007


After the smile, she reached over to Matts cock and started to stroke it. She teased it and his balls and you could tell from Matts face that he might burst any second now. Boy did that cock of his throb! Xpo also noticed this, and decided she didn’t want him to cum right now. She wanted to play with them for a little longer. So she let go of Matt and turned to Robin. This time though she turned her whole body so she could tease his cock with her mouth. She first dribbled a little saliva onto the end of his cock and worked it in with her hands making the whole area sensitive. Then she started to lick just end of his cock, teasing it more than trying to make him cum. With her leaned over like this Chris had his first feel of Xpos body, and he went straight to her groin area. Xpo moaned with the touch. She was not sure who was touching her as she was teasing the hell out of Robins quite substantial cock. I couldn’t quite see what Matt was doing but I’m sure he was playing with her breasts. ‘All’ I could see was Xpo licking cock and Chris playing with pussy. Quite a sight!

That was it, I needed to join in, everyone was getting there bit, and so far I haven’t had any. So I jumped over into the same row as the three of them. Xpo sensing this turned to me and kissed me deeply and whispered “Fuck me”. She turned around and bent over her seat and I started to fuck her from behind. The other three started to wank again and used their other hand to feel Xpo on any part of her body they could reach. I now noticed that there wasn’t just the three of us in the cinema anymore. There must have been at least four new blokes standing in the row behind us and when I turned my head around to see the front of the cinema there was another three and another couple. Wow, I must have been in such a zone not to notice these people walking into the cinema. The blokes were not as good looking as the Robin, Matt or Chris and some I will have to say were absolute ‘no-go’ areas! The couple where in their 50s and also not our type, but she did looked as if she tried to keep trim from what I could tell.

Anyway I wasn’t too bothered about any of them, Xpo had chosen her three to play with and as long as everyone else stayed away all was good. I carried on fucking Xpo from behind until one of the blokes in the row behind started to feel Xpo neck. She didn’t notice as she was in ecstasy but I didn’t really want to be told off by Xpo for letting this overweight horrible bloke join in. So I pinched her bum to get her attention (our little signal that I need a word) and she looked up at me. I glanced over at the offending bloke and she smiled at him and her most diplomatic manner said “Thanks but I have chosen these three guys to play with tonight but please feel free to wank to the show. And maybe later if I’ve still got the energy…” and gave him a wink. Now don’t get me wrong I could have said something to the bloke but situations like this are so much better diffused by Xpo.