Written by Xposure

11 Jan 2007


So with Chris licking Xposure, she started to build up her climax again, Robin was just gently playing himself and Xpos breasts, whilst Matt was looking intently at Xpo face, whilst she went through the erotic emotions of a climax. At this moment she grabbed Matts head and deep throated him. She very rarely kisses if it is not on a one- on-one basis so I knew for sure she had lost complete control of herself.

Her body started to convulse but just wasn’t quite there. She needed something more, anything but she wasn’t sure what. When this happens she is most experimental and is capable of doing anything. I live for these moments and is one of the many MANY reasons why I love her so much.

She pulled away from Matt for a moment and breathed. She could feel someone wanking just above her head and looked up at the cock. She said to the owner “Do you mind if I have a taste?” She never waited for a response nor looked at the owner of the cock, but reached for it and started to suck it. Matt face, who was kissing Xpo a second before was now only 2 inches away from her sucking a cock. He didn’t or couldn’t move, I’m quite sure he had never seen a blow job or even a cock that close up before! Xpo stopped for breath as she was still on the edge. She made eye contact with Matt and gave him one of her enticing smiles. I was not sure what was going through both of there minds but as she started to lick the side of his shaft, Matt decided to licked the other side. It was a great sight but it didn’t last very long. After about thirty seconds of both Matt and Xpo licking the unknown cock, it started to cum. Xpo being an expert, directed it away from herself but a lot landed on Matt, who wasn’t sure what was happening to him or what to do next. Xpo climaxed very hard at this point, probably taking off Chris’s head with her thighs. As she started to writhe less she looked over at Matt and started to play with some of the cum on his face with her fingers, smearing it around. Matt instantly came, I’m not even sure if he was touching himself but he definitely shot a powerful load right up to his chest. The other lady who, from the cum dripping from her chin, had already sucked off a few cocks, saw Matts cum on his chest and walked over and started to lick it off him. Xpo, who admittedly doesn’t like the taste of cum loves to see it, especially played with, watched enthralled. Once most of it was cleaned up the lady went up to Matts mouth and started kiss ham and what seemed like her passing some of his own cum back to him. There’s a bi man in the making if I ever saw one.

This was a night Matt was never gonna forget. Actually this was a night none of us present were ever going to forget!

Just a little bit more to go…