Written by Xposure

11 Jan 2007

Whilst Xposure was watching Matt finding self realisation, Chris was gently stoking her very hot and wet pussy. Robin on the other hand was sucking one of her breasts and whispered something to her. She replied with “Ohh fucking yes please”. He stopped what he was doing and reached into his trousers on the floor and pulled out a condom. He must have asked if he could fuck her and she said YES! Well actually she demanded it.

Robin put on the condom and manoeuvred Xpo low on her seat, spread her legs and penetrated her in one smooth motioned. She let out an almighty groan, which got most of the guys in the cinema surrounding her, cocks out and wanking and playing with want ever part of her they could touch. This is not the way she always likes things and has excellent skills in telling people to stop, especially if anyone in particular is being too aggressive, but no one was and everyone was quite well mannered and were just enjoying the situation. The other lady was still around and was also getting felt up by many, and was also sucking the odd cock or two. I had angled myself into a good position to view Xpo being fucked and groped.

Robins rhythm was getting faster and faster. Xpo was getting louder and louder. The guys around her were wanking harder and had every pnce in a while had the extra help of getting a little stroke from Xpo, but she never stuck to any one cock for more than a few seconds. This was teasing the fuck out of the guys, as they were never getting full satisfaction, but saying that, two guys came very quickly after Xpo had touched them, both shooting their loads onto her breasts and her mid-rift. Robin saw this and pulled out, took his condom off and expertly shot his load right across Xpos body, some off it reaching as far as her neck. Whilst cumming Robin couldn’t help himself to feel the freshly cummed on breasts and massage some of it into them. He wasn’t the only one, some of the other guys were also spreading the cum around. This was a very erotic sight to see, even though I am not bi, I am comfortable viewing and being involved in anything that is erotically charged and involves Xposure.

As Robin moves away, Chris instantly replaces him with a condom on. His cock is also easily accommodated by Xpos pussy. She must have been so wet! Guys continued to wank and cum around and on Xpo whilst Chris fucked her so very hard. At one point I thought seat was going to break. The other lady was covered in cum too but had stopped sucking cock but kneeled on the seat next to Xpo and played with herself. She also had a few of the guys gently helping her.

When Chris finished, who also had pulled out of Xpos pussy and cum on her naked body, she must have had a minimum of six loads of cum on her breast and stomach. I had lost count. No other guy tried to fuck her, once Chris had finished, which made our lives easier as we didn’t need to say no to anyone. What did happen next was the other lady started to lick the cum off Xpos body. She was such a cum queen! She just couldn’t get enough. We always kept safety in mind when it comes to these things but this lady was just cum hungry.

The guys felt the mood had change in the cinema, and made no more attempts to cum on or even near the two women. The lady completely clean Xposures body and when done Xpo found her clothes, thanked everyone whilst putting them on, got Chris, Matts and Robins numbers and we left. (I had also put my stuff back on)

It was only when we got outside did I realise I hadn’t cum and still had a raging hard-on in my trousers. When I said that wasn’t fair, she said she’ll sort me out when we get home. When we did get home, she was fast a sleep, one of the many MANY things I hate about her. I had to carry her out of the car and into bed! I had enough visions in my head to instantly climax whilst cosying up to her in bed and masturbating. She was also gonna get a good fucking when she wakes, as my cock continued to stay hard all night. What a great night it was and a absolute wonderful fuck in the morning!

As you may have noticed Xposure is a complicated creature. I can very rarely judge what she wants or what she is going to do and I probably know her better than anyone. If sometimes within this story it seems inconsistent with what I think she is going to do or prefer it, is only because she changes the rules by the second. Apologies also if there are any mistakes or it at times this doesn’t make sense, I’m not a very good writer and I wrote this late at night and didn’t always proof read it.

Let me finish by saying if you have read all five parts of this adventure and enjoyed it, please drop us a mail of approval (if possible). Xpo loves the compliments and it may encourage me to pen a few more.

Please note all names have been changed but ‘Xposure’ is our real username on the Swinging Heaven Website.