Written by Mad Jack

14 Dec 2005

I have always been fascinated by Middle Eastern women. Believe it or not, this stems from watching Eurovision as a kid. One year (about thirty years ago) it was won by an Israeli band with some very attractive (female) singers. When my mother left the room, my father leant across the sofa and said “you’d know about it of one of those got hold of you Jack, hottest women in the world they are”. I was very surprised to hear this from my father, but he’d obviously had some experience he wanted to pass on to me! Nothing more was said about it, ever.

Many years later I visited a prospective client. I was greeted by a lovely olive skinned assistant – a bit of a Sophia Loren look alike. There was no time for chat, but I made sure that I caught her eye as best I could, and I liked the way she dressed, smart but open to offers, with a voluptuous looking figure. I just knew that I had to get to know her!

A few phone conversations further gave me the opportunity to establish that she was from Syria and I had reason to leave her my mobile, although she refused to give me hers!. That evening though I got a text from a number I did not recognise “hello sexy, what r u doing at the moment?”. I was in fact in the pub with a girlfriend, but I sent her a suitably sexy reply, something about wondering what it would be like to fuck her in her bosses office – and from that moment on I knew we would get together.

We met a week later when her husband was on a business trip. We agreed to meet at her house after work. I arrived a few minutes early knowing that I might catch her taking a shower. Sure enough she came to the door looking flustered with only a skimpy dressing robe for cover and a towel on her hair. She opened the door and stepped back so that the neighbours couldn’t see her and I went in assuredly, closed the door without turning and put my arms around her as we kissed passionately. Within moments I had a hand up her gown feeling her arse and pushing my hand between her legs to prise a little space with which to work my fingers in to her soaking pussy. To my surprise/delight she was completely shaven, a new experience for me. There was no talking, I pushed her backwards onto the stairs, pushed her legs further apart and put my head up her robe to lap the flowing juices. She clamped her ample thighs around my ears and I could feel her buck as she came, flooding my mouth with her juices.

She then pulled me up to her and kissed me like her life depended upon it, I thought I was going to suffocate as she smothered me with her mouth and pushed her size 38D chest into me. To be honest I normally prefer slender women but I was enjoying every minute of this. Variety really is the spice of life. Surely I was dreaming!

I unleashed her tits by pulling her robe fully apart and took pleasure in playing and sucking on them. “fuck me while you do that” she commanded and pulled me into her. She unzipped me and pulled my t-shirt over my head and as I stood there, trousers and briefs around my ankles, I pushed my cock into her sopping cunt. What a fabulous feeling.

We fucked in frenzy at the foot of the stairs and before long I had lubricated her arse enough to push two fingers up – I was determined to feel myself come inside her, and sure enough moments later I did. It felt like one of the biggest I had ever had, I just kept coming and coming and that seemed to tip her over the edge to another orgasm. I loved being able to feel the pumping of my cock with my fingers through her arse.

We both burst out laughing, she formally welcomed me to her home with a glass of wine before taking me upstairs for more. We became firm friends and lovers for two more years before she moved to Spain.

My experience with this lady lived up to my father’s theory and since then I have been determined to sample other international delights.