Written by JB

8 Jan 2007

I've just got to share this true story about something which happened to me a couple years ago. Me and my family checked in for a long haul flight to Asia and promptly went through to departures. My wife and daughters went off duty free shopping, as they do, and I found a nice quiet spot to sit near our boarding gate. One of the staff was rustling papers at the gate desk and he kept glancing over at me and smiling. I smiled back and got on with my book but each time I looked up he was smiling nervously at me. He was only a youngish lad, early 20's maybe, and I'm over 40, but I got the distinct impression he was giving me the come on. He asked if I was travelling to XXXX in a very effeminate voice and it was then I really suspected he was gay, or at least bi. I said I was but that I wasn't looking forward to the 11 hour overnight flight and he said "Oh they can be a lot of fun sir", in his girly voice again. Soon after my family came back and the flight was called. We got on the plane and took our seats and I noticed he was actually one of the cabin crew. He kept staring at me and smiling for the first hour or so of the flight, then we ate and watched a movie and then passengers started falling off to sleep and the lights were dimmed. I noticed him go to the rear of the plane and I decided to nip to the toilet at the rear of the aircraft and when I got there he was on his own in the kitchen area. I smiled and winked as I opened the toilet door and he smiled back, then I paused before closing the door, looking him straight in the eyes. He didn't need much of an invitation and dived into the toilet with me, locking the door behind us. We ripped eachother clothes off, kissing passionately as we did so and we were both rock hard with the excitement and antcipation. He pulled a sachet of lube from his pocket and tore it open with his teeth, smearing it all around his eagery waiting arsehole. He then pulled a condom out and quickly slid it over my aching knob before I swung him round and he braced himself against the wall as I rammed my throbbing cock up him and hammered away for all I was worth, with one of my hands over his mouth to stifle his moans and squeals, and the other vigirously wanking his erect tool. I shot my load in about a minute, and as I did, he came all over my hand. We quickly cleaned up and he checked the coast was clear before we left the toilet. Later on in the flight I went to the toilet again and got the best blowjob ever, then just before breakfast I returned the favour. That was undoubtedly the best flight I've ever had!!!!