Written by David

14 Jan 2005

My mates wife had given birth to their first child a few months ago, being buried in work I didn't get the opportunity to pay an early visit. Last week I had a few days off and decided to pay them a visit. When I got there and knocked on the door there was no answer. I tried the door handle and to my surprise it opened. Worried that something was wrong I ran in and looked around there was no sign of anyone. I went upstairs and opened their bedroom door. What I saw gave me an instant erection. My mates wife, Andrea was breastfeeding the baby wearing a red lacy thong and nothing else. I stammered my apoligies but she smiled and said it was ok. I asked her where my mate was and was told that he was away on business for two days. I told her that I will take my leave now but she told me that since I have come all the way I ought to spend a few minutes with her as she was alone and felt rather lonely. I said I will wait down for her but she told me not to act like a prick and to sit on the bed next to her and have a chat. As I got closer I got a clear view of her flawless skin, large ripe breasts and neatly shaven cunt. Lord I thought I was going to blow but I controlled myself somehow and sat down. I could see the baby vigorously sucking on Andrea's beautiful tits and I wished it was me. Andrea looked at me and then shocked me further by saying that since the baby was sucking only one tit the other one felt neglected. "Come on David I know you want to and Alec's not here to see," she said. I leaned forward and flicked her pink hard nipple with my rough tongue, she gasped and I circled her swollen nipple with my lips and sucked on her like a man dying of thirst. Her milk tasted divine and the whole time she was moaning. I was really horny thinking of the baby and me suckling on Andrea at the same time. This made me want to make her hornier so I moved my hand to her warm crotch. I just pressed my palm against her now dripping cunt and while suckling her nipple I was licking it at the same time. She begged me to finger her but I didn't and she kept getting hornier. Suddenly she pushed me away. She said that the baby had finished his feed and that she will burp him and put him to sleep and come right back to me. I quickly stripped to my underwear and it felt good to be released of the tension caused by my rock hard 9 inch prick rubbing against my jeans. As I sat down on the bed Andrea came back. Without a word she came to me and sat on my lap, straddling my waist. I lost no time and while sucking on the tit that the baby had been drinking off, I teased the nipple of the other. "Are you going to fuck me David? Alec hasn't touched me since the baby and I need it soooo bad. I've always wanted you. I wish that the baby was yours not Alec's. I wish I was yours," she said. This turned me on big time. "I want to milk your large tits baby. Do you want that?" I asked her. "Oh! Yes! Oh! Please do it darling," she moaned. I gripped both her tits and milked her like milking a cow. Her warm milk squirted onto my chest and we were both screaming like wild animals. "Oh! Lord! Your udders have more milk than any prize heifer," I gasped. She begged me to fuck her. I pushed her onto the bed and told her to stick her tongue out and I started to flick it, she joined me and the feeling of our rough tongues rubbing against each other was exquisite. I moved down to her throat, her tits which I sucked again and her stomach. I stuck my tongue into her navel and she moaned lustily. Then I looked at her crotch which was swollen against her thong. With my finger I scratched her cunt over the thong. She screamed with ecstacy. I then licked her sweet pussy over the thong and she begged me to eat her out. I slipped her thong aside and she was fully shaved her cunt was bald, but I put half of the thomg over her pussy. I stared at the beauty of her huge swollen cunt half covered by her sexy thong and half exposed. I licked her out using the entire length of my tongue and she screamed. I was ready to burst when I felt the thong and her naked cunt both against my tongue. I couldn't take it any longer and neither could she. I ripped her thong savagely off and fingered her with two fingers while sucking and licking her clit at the same time. I felt her stiffen and quickly took my fingers out which I replaced with my tongue. I tongue fucked her while suckling on her clit. She came so much I thought I'd drown in her cum. I though she had passed but she got up and sat on the edge of the bed and told me stand in front of her. She pulled my jocks down and gasped when my 9 incher jumped out and hit her straight on the lips. She was teasing me by rubbing only her fingers on my hard shaft. Then she brought her tits close to my prick and squeezed her warm milk on it I just moaned in pleasure when I saw and felt it. Then she licked me and took the entire thing in her mouth. I couldn't take any more so I started to move fast in her mouth I shouted out as I shot my cum into her mouth she sucked on my cock as I poured what seemed like a litre of cum into her mouth, but my gorgeous Andrea drank every drop and nothing came out of her mouth. We lay next to each other and she told me that she was in love with me. After what we had I not only loved her but worshipped her. A little later I started to get hard again. I told Andrea to go down on all fours on the bed. I swiftly entered her and while fucking my bitch I rubbed her clit and stroked her nipple I felt her cum three times and then I lost control and shot my load deep into her cavern. We made love many times in many different positions all over the house for the two days left to us before Alec got back. We walked around stark naked in the house and I fucked her anytime I wanted to. Await the rest of the juicy things I did to my dairy queen.