Written by Aaron

21 Nov 2004

My wife and I had been married for over 15 years without any major sexual adventure outside our vows. Having grown up in India, we tended to be on the conservative side although we were both working professionals living in the UK. This was how the situation was until July 1999 when we invited some friends of ours to spend a few days at out Wiltshire home.

This couple, also of Indian origin, were from New York and were holidaying in Europe. The man, Anj had briefly dated my wife Jaye when they were both at the University, but that being in India in the late 1970s, they had never got above a quick kiss in the back row of the cinema. In fact, he was also my best friend at the time and was more than a bit miffed when I started going out with Jaye and later married her. We saw little of him after he moved to New York and heard that he eventually had an arranged marriage with another Indian girl, who is nicknamed Kat. When we finally met again in 1999, neither Jaye or I had seen Anj for 15 years and had never met Kat before. I expected her to be a typical conservative Indian housewife, but as pleasantly surprised to discover that she was quite glamorous and sophisticated, if a bit on the quiet side. At first.

All four of us got on well together in the 3 days that they stayed with us; I was a bit surprised to see Jaye being slighly more 'familiar' with Anj than I expected her to be, but knowing that they had dated before, pretended not to notice. But I did notice that Kat noticed their interaction and did not seem to mind too much herself, even though she made sure that their 2 kids were out of the way. She was also quite friendly with me and it was her suggestion that we should all celebrate the Millennium Eve together somewhere. All of us agreed it was a good idea and after some struggle to find a suitable place, we were very lucky to fill in a cancellation at Phuket, Thailand.

We met up in Bangalore, India on the 27th December and flew together to Phuket the following day. We were all tired the first night and practically fell asleep in our clothes. As we went to roam about the beach the following morning, Jaye asked me if I minded if she spent some time with Anj to 'catch up with old times'; I said that I did not mind, especially since Kat seemed happy enough to be in my company. So we spent the day kayaking, sunabathing and swimming, but generally getting to know each other.

We had hired a local villa to stay and decided to spend the evening there rather than go out. The day had mellowed all of us and as the evening progressed, all 4 of us got even more 'relaxed' as the booze flowed. Kat and I started teasing the other two about how they had not taken advantage of the opportunities when they had gone out as students...and so on. Suddenly, Kat said "You know, neither of you is going to get a better chance than now to make up!", then turning to Jaye, "You know, Anj often fantasises about you back home!" . We all laughed first and then Anj feebly protested, "Hey that's not fair! We never did anything more than kissing". I asked "You mean you have not even seen her boobs? I can tell you they're real great!".

Jaye winked at me and added " Let him find out for himself!", and putting her hands under her T-shirt, took off her bra with a flourish and threw it suggestively at Anj. She was sitting next to him on the settee and now provocatively draped herself across his lap, giving a little please yelp as she felt his erection. As she and Anj started to kiss and fondle each other, I moved closer to Kat and placed an arm around her. She seemed to need no further encouragement and pretty soon we were at it too.

I could hear Jaye grunting pleasureably and looked across to see Anj sucking her nipples while kneading her cunt at the same time. I managed to taste Kat's nipples briefly before she unzipped me and took my hardened dick out. She called across to Jaye that I was about the same size as her husband, whose own dick, she confirmed, 'tasted very good'. Soon, I had the pleasure of Kat's full lips moving up and down my dick while her tongue teased the knob. I was scared that I might come too soon, but managed to hold on and return her favours with gutso. All the while, the noises from the other settee turns us on even more! In the end, both girls were grunting and swearing like whores as us two men fucked each others' wife to a real shattering climax.

That was the first of a few more encounters. The problem was that Jaye and I lived in the UK while the other two were based in New York. But we agreed to maat once or twice a year for holidays and by common consent swap spouses for the duration. We continue this arrangement to this day.

A couple of years ago, Jaye also confessed to be having an affair with her English colleague. He is a nice guy and has an attractive and very sexy South African wife. Jaye is suggesting that we might form a swapping foursome with them too; the other guy agrees, but I am not too sure that his wife will be game. The other two are suggesting that I should ask her out for a drink, tell her about her husband's affair with my wife and gauge her reaction. And take it from there.