Written by laceycathawl

3 Sep 2008

During my teens, there was so much to explore and enjoy. Myself and my girlfriend, would go and meet with friends on a regular basis. Some evenings we'd all go to the local pub, few drinks, play pool.Other evenings it would be going into the town to the bowlplex, followed by pub crawl, nightclubs and sober up in someones home with coffee.

This particular night,we all met in a local restaurant for a meal to celebrate passing our exams, before going into town on the train to the night clubs.The restaurant was laid out in long tables, to seat around a dozen people, crisp white tablecloths,spotless and welcoming staff. We all arrived in dribs and drabs, I arrived late so had to sit opposite my girlfriend, I much prefered to sit next to, however footsie would have to suffice for now.

Girlfiend Marie, was wearing a long flowing skirt, easy to drift ones foot up and creep up her silky thighs. The meal was good, while waiting for dessert,she spilt her wine, followed by her loosing her cutlery on the floor.Being of good nature, I went under the table to collect them, however I became aware of her amazing legs and ran my hands up them. Carefully, but swiftly I slid my hands under her skirt to her thong, and pulled them to one side. Being under a table, with others around meant I could nt be there too long.

I began to lick her pussy lips, between them and up to her clit. I could feel her body shudder as I circled my tongue around it. I sucked her clit into my mouth, then slid a finger inside her. Mmm she was warm and wet.I could hear Marie holding a conversation with people at the table, trying to maintain a steady tone as I set to work in bring ing her to climax. I brought her close to it when dessert arrived, I used this as an excuse to get back to my seat while distractions were around.

Marie gave me a look of, you'd better finish what you started or else.