Written by Joyce

29 Oct 2005

On a warm summer evening (I a 49 size 12 36c with nice legs long blonde hair)had gone for a meal with the girls to the local city I decided to go on the train so I could drink. The wine flowed when leaving one of the girls who was driving insisted on giving me a lift to the station between her not knowing the one way system and talking I arrived on the station to see the last train pulling away I went outside to find it was about 45min before the next all night bus,I knew he'd gone out drinking so I thought I'd start walking to pass the time till the next bus.

About 100yds down the road a car slowly past and pulled over the passenger window opened I walked over and leaned in the driver a guy in his 40s said how much for a blow job, course the red light area is behind the station I was feeling a bit horny so we agreed and I got in he drove round the corner to a quiet carpark he put a condom on and I sucked his modest 7in while he grouped my tits. He dropped me back another couple a hundred yds a car stopped this time a guy in his late 50s how much for a fuck he drove me behind some industrial unit I got in the back pulled my dress up and my knickers to one side he pushed his condom clad 6in up my wet cunt and I came over him he took me back.

This car stopped with 2 guys late 20s-30s this white guy got out a black guy was driving they said who you working for I,am not working just mist the last train the white guy was pushing me in the back of the car he had a knive I got in they took me to a house there was another guy in the room they took me in they told him I'd been working their patch. It was a warm night I was waering just a red dress that rapped over and fasterned at the waist with 2 buttons a strapless bra and thong, the guy with the knive said yer we brought her here to teacher her a leason he then grabbed my dress and pulled snapping the butons off he then got his knive and cut my bra between the cups I took the dress of while he cut the side of my thongs I was naked he pushed me to my knees wrapped my hair tight in his hand pushed his cock in my mouth and pulled my head bach and forth by my hair he then held both sides of my head tight as he rammed his cock down my throut and pumped his cum into me.

It was only now when the black guy made me lean on a table while he pushed his cock deep up my pussy that I realised there was a 2 way mirror in the room and we could see some guys in a waiting room I was starting to get excited when he came the other guy turned me round and fucked me on the table I had an orgasum as he fucked me hard the black guy and the guy with the knive now spitroasted me almost together their warm cum entered my body at both ends. The other guy then said I know what we can do with her he grabbed my arm took me out of the room and into the waitng room, hey guys you can have this one on the house while you wait for the proper girls and you don't have to use a condom with her. For the next few hours I was fucked up my pussy a few guys went up my arse my mouth seamed to be full of cock the whole time and guys were just wanking over me, cum was running down my thighs over my tits and face my hair was matted with it when they took me back in the other room I asked for a towel or something to clean my self up one of them grabbed my dress and wipped my face and tits then shoved it between my legs I then had to put it on they dumped me on the main road my dress wouldn't fastern was soaked in cum I managed to get a bus the driver had a lovely veiw of my tits then as I tried to get the money out of my purse I had to let go of my dress and it fell open showing my cunt.

There was only a few people on the bus all men and they were calling me a slag and a whore saying see must have had a good night on the game as my dress would not hold properly all saw my tits one as he was passing to get of leaned down and pulled my dress open saying come on you old slag lets see have a feel of your tits. As there are no buses from the town center I had to walk home trying to hold on to my dress. When I got in a shower and in to bed when I told the old man he was rock solid and up my pussy before I had finished I went into multi orgasum as he fucked me.