Written by John

18 Dec 2004

If you remember I met Sue & Dave at there house and enjoyed a nice full threesome sucking cock and pussy, ending up with me filling her up full of spunk then Dave licking her out --- after that we had a rest, drinking red wine and looking at some porn to set the atmosphere again, very nice with Sue between us and a nice hand full of tit. Dave was horny again sporting a nice hard cock with Sue’s hand gently stroking it, not to be outdone I slipped my hand down her body to her hard clit which was like a small acorn sticking out the top of her cunt lips, rubbing it made her moan and open her legs wider, using two hand I rubbed her clit and inserted two fingers into her, she was getting really hot again leaning over and sucking Dave’s cock. I then got on my knees and stuck my tongue into her pussy I could still taste her fluids and Dave’s spunk my cock started to stir, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and ran my tongue up and down her slit down to her pink hole and probed it, she said to Dave he is licking my arse it feels so good I want it up me there, she pulled away from me and kneeled on the settee presenting me her lovely arse full and round. I pulled her cheeks apart and again ran my tongue up and down her crack rubbing her clit at the same time she was getting near a orgasm telling me to suck it and fuck it what ever I wanted to do to her. Dave was now down underneath me playing with my cock pre-come was oozing out dripping on his face, sue was still writhing shouting all types of obscene words. I said I am going to come soon, Sue said do it up my arse quickly I’m nearly there, so I got up semi crouched and nudged my dick against her arse hole applied slight pressure and it slipped in, it felt wonderful so much smoother than her pussy like silk around my dick. I started to slide it in and out, Sue was still shouting, Dave was to my side furiously wanking his hard cock sweat pouring of him, I was now fucking her arse hard she screamed I’m coming, at this point my dick couldn’t hold out any longer and my spunk flooded deep into her bowel. Dave quickly knelt on the settee and shoved his dick into my mouth just as it was erupting spunk flooded my lips then down my throat it was one of the most fantastic experience I have ever had. I just slumped on top of sue still with my slightly wilting cock up her arse we lay there for quit a while getting our breath back. I then slid back and my cock popped out her arse still slightly gaping and spunk running out, Dave pushed me aside and stuck his face right in between her cheeks and lapped up my spunk with her juices, god that was so horny nearly enough to make me twitch again ! I met them again and will relay what happened soon.