Written by D

8 Jan 2005

Lately I have been having this fantasy of a mmm threesome. I have been curious for a while now but have yet to put any of it into reality.

I had been working away from home for a few months now, staying in a quiet b&b outside the main town. There was one other guy staying there and over the few weeks we got to chatting and going out for Drinks together. At the end of the night we would retire to our own rooms and that would be that. One night Paul knocked at my door, ready to go out. I let him in while I continued to get ready. He noticed a couple of porn mags on my bed and started flicking through. He joked about his right arm being as well used as mine. I told him he had interrupted me as I was expecting him for another 1/2 hour. He said that was ok because he fancied a wank himself - looking over a very tasty picture. I still only had a towel around me and my cock was still semi-erect. I asked him if he wanted to take a mag with him, but he said he didn't mind doing it here if that was ok. We both sat on the bed, Paul unzipped his trousers and took out his erect cock and staeted to wank himself. I let my towel open and started to play with my cock. We never spoke whilst wanking and both shot our load over the pages.

Over the next few days we carryed on with the same routine and progessed to giving each other a quick wank but that was as far as it went.

Paul was away the next week so I had the nights to kill myself. One night I went into town for a quiet drink. I knew of a pub where gays and tv's hung out (not literally) and built up the courage to walk in. The place was quiet and I sat at the bar on my own. After a few minutes a girl came upto me and started chatting. I guessed she was a TV but she was very convincing and very pleasant. She asked if I was bi or gay, I told her of my limited experiences. She gave me a little smile and told I had a lot to learn. She gave me her number and told me to call her.

The next week Paul was back and I told him of my meet. Je seemed interested and suggested we should both call her. I rang Sue and she was keen on meeting with both of us and invited us over to her house.

Paul and I were both nervous as we reached Sues's place but she seemed very relaxed and gave us a big smile and a peck on each cheek as we entered. Paul commented that she looked great and she did, long dark hair, nicely made up and wearing a sexy black dress and I guess at this stage black stockings. We all went into the lounge and sat down. My nerves had the best of me and excused myself to go to the loo.

When I returned I found Paul and Sue and not wasted any time. The were on the sofa together kissing and Paul was having a good feel of her legs showing of a sexy pair of lacy holdups. The site certainly got me going and I could feel my cock rising. I decided to undress as I watched them and sat oppostite slowly strocking my cock. Sue started to undo Pauls trousers and pull them down. Judging by the size of Pauls cock he was certaily enjoying it. The Sue moved down and took Pauls cock into her mouth and looked me straight in the eyes as she suck on his cock. As she sucked she moved around a little so she was lying across the sofa facing me. With auls cock in her mouth she lifted her dress and I could see her hard cock straining against her black lacy knickers. Her hand moved down to release her cock and stroked herself gently as she sucked Paul. The view was great and I was happy just to enjoy the show but the urge was to much and I moved across to join them. I took Sue's cock in my hand and started to wank her my face inches from hers and Paul's Cock. She took Pauls cock out of her mouth and pushed it towards mine this was a first for me and still a little unsure about sucking a guy. She smiled and just said - 'You will enjoy it'. I took the end of Pauls cock in my mouth. God this felt so horny. It was a strange but very exciting feeling to have a guys cock in my mouth. I started to relax and sucked more of Paul in, letting my tounge run over the end of his cock. Sue slipped down and I could feel her taking my cock in her mouth. I looked up and Paul smiled at me and gave a nod of approval. Sue was such a great cock sucker I could feel myself wanting to cum. Sue could sense this as well and sucked even harder on my cock letting me cum inside her sexy warm mouth. Paul sensed what was happening and I felt his cock grow little more in my mouth then felt his cum I was so turned on at this point I just kept sucking.

Me and Paul were both well satisfied but Sue still had this lovely erection. She sat down again next to Paul and said it was his turn to taste some cock. I was still kneeling on the floor by Sues feet and had an excellent view of Paul giving his first bj. Sue certainly seemed to be enjoying it listening to her moan. As Paul sucked her I reached forward and took Pauls cock in my hand and slowly wanked him hard again. Sue was close to cumming, PAul took her out of his mouth and finished her off by hand. Watching Paul wank another cock to orgasm was great and got me hard again.

Now me and Paul were both hard and Sue was covered in her own cum she suggested we retire to the bedroom where she would let us both fuck her...........................