Written by Lost Prophet

30 Nov 2004

A normal Monday morning in a normal town - A town I'd never been to before in my life.

Over three hours on trains.An early start in darkness to a different landscape,different accents and the 9.00AM humdrum of Normalsville.

I was looking for a car.An old man sat in the designated parking space I'd been told she'd be at - No!Surely not?!



Behind him.

There she was.

The temptress online,the authoress of the sweet obscene texts,the voice on the phone that had commanded me to masterbate myself into oblivion.

There she was.

A kindly,pretty face,librarianishly bespecticled,the face of a nice young mum who'd just dropped her kids off at school.

Which is exactly what she had just done.

What did she see in me?I was older than her usual men.No girls dream stud muffin that was for sure.

I was beside her in the car and away we drove.

Long silky strands of brown hair half hid her expression.Nervous.

It sounded the emptiest thing in the World to say "You're lovely" - but she was,truly.

The person shone through so strong.She'd taken so many knocks,known so many hard times.Now she wanted to live - and I wanted to share some wild moment with her,to uplift us both.My road to this encounter with this unasumming angel was as broken as they come.Today I wanted to go home.

Suburban sprawl and Industrial monotony flashed by then we turned into a driveway - a strange place,like lunar modules,lego linked together,all on ground floor level.

She parked and sat there a tremble - me too!

The kisses helped,smooth,yearning - these two shaking like-leafs had some fire inside too..

A thirtyish something guy booked us in - He knew.He just knew.The place seemed deserted.

Absurdly we were given the closest room to reception - was he going to listen in?

When we bodged up our phoney surnames he REALLY gave her a stare.

The room was functional,yes,like the whole building module like.

Curiously a single bed was raised lenghways across the width of the double,a curious bunk variation.Lighting was from neon florescent tubes either side of the main bed.

IF she'd ever been here before she seemed as suprised as I was.

But we weren't there to contempate 21st Centuary hotel design.

The kisses out in the car park were even wilder now - mouths explored faces then tongue lashed at tongue - and body pressed against body with increasingly urgent force.

There wasn't much slow seductive undressing about us.

Zips were for unzipping,buttons for unbuttoning.Frenetic tugging off of jackets,dragging away her jeans from her legs,imploring her to remove the top - it was seemless stripping to get at her voluptuous nakedness beneath.My hands,my mouth didn't know where to go first but her heavy, proud big nippled breasts offered a solution to that problem.It was the antithesis of slow,seductive,considered love making - when my clothes were hastily cast off at last I could hold her burning woman body to my own eager flesh.How perfect to lust so much.

We had to taste each other before the first wave of fucking.She revealed an extraordinary talent..

She was the best cocksucker in the World.She gracefully licked sucked and tongued me into a wimpering wreck within seconds.It just couldn't be THIS good.But,Lord,IT WAS!

I had to find out what SHE had between her thighs.

I washed my face in her pink liquid petals,washed and washed and washed then went back up to her face - "Taste yourself!Taste yourself!"She lappped up her own cunnyhunny as eagerly as I did.

One be-condomed cock slipped effortlessly into a honey pot of a pussy.At last we were fused in that piston pricked cunt squelching,tit shaking,ass humping union of sex.

Minutes like hours,hours like minutes,better than any drug.

Nothing exsisted but our fuck.

And we fucked and fucked and fucked and I welled up then burst out with a yelp..

..Fingers,fingers anything - pure woman wanking,her chest and face crimson,her cries like the end of time,louder then loud..

I was unfurling another rubber on my re-hardened dick - and a dicking I gave her,banging her velvet fanny,my balls drenched with her lovejuice - and soon my shaft pistoning to another spunking..

Again she knew how to ride her own wave with fingerwork that led to her shouting out her orgasm beat by beat..The beauty of a Goddess in that explosion of feminine glory..

To come down from that,to lay crashlanded was dreamy,not sleep but wakefulness transformed into enchantment..

"I'm suprised they didn't come knocking at the door!"I lightly jested.

Her face changed - "I wonder what the guy on reception is doing?"

I knew now.I knew.

It was the tone.

I knew.


To find myself out there a minute later,in trousers and T- shirt was scary.

He looked aghast as I came to the desk.He knew.

"I wonder if you could check something..

in our room"


"It requires....close inspection"

He said nothing,just followed me.

She lay spreadeagled,ready.

He too tore off his clothes - the condom I gave him was on in a flash - "I can't leave reception for too long!"he exclaimed as he all but dived on her to a torrent of kisses.I stood as he nudged his erection into her - and his buttocks danced the timeless rhythm of shagging - I grabbed her ankles and he bucked even harder - he came like he was in agony - but then again - it WAS agony in a divine way!

"I have to go back to work" he explained as he dressed.

No problems - she had her delectable bum in the air and I dipped into her dog style.He kissed her farewell as I got thrusting..I seized the frame of the bunk bed above,the perfect support for my ramming up her muff,my belly slapping her arse.Delerious fucking,fucking past all sense..

And collaspted after she still toyed with my now wilted manhood and..woke it up again.

Butterfly fluttering licks,swallowing,lapping at my puss- scented bollocks.

I hyperventilated.I cried real tears it was so good.

A weird whining filled the air - what the hell was that..it was me cumming the last tiny droplets of jism I had - the dripped onto her left breast,tried to drip them straight to her heart.

The young man at reception booked the nervous couple in - with a somewhat odd air they thought.His breathing,the way he seemed to convulse,his attention seemed to be below his waist level..

Behind the reception desk chestnut coloured tresses cascaded on a head that gently nodded yes yes yes yes....