Written by Fi&Jay

23 Nov 2004

I'd like to share a story with you all that took place this summer, I'd been seeing this guy, Paul, on and off for the last eighteen months and we had a pretty adventurous sex life.

This particular evening he phoned me at two AM, waking me up, he said he desperately needed a fuck, after his night out with the lads and was gagging for a blow job. Was I interested in a moonlight session?

"Okay" I said (I was feeling horny and also desperate for a shag)I hurriedly got dressed, putting on a summer dress with no underwear.

I jumped in the car, picked him up, only to find he had brought a mate, Andy, with him, Paul asked if I minded and I said "No, I don't mind at all".

I then drove to a secluded park nearby, where I thought we would be undisturbed. I hadn't even turned the engine off when Paul put his hand up my skirt and asked if I had any knickers on. Before I could answer, I heard a sharp intake of breath as he realised his hand had reached my moist shaven pussy. He leapt out the car and undid his trousers, Andy followed suit "Get out here and suck our cocks, bitch" he said, which I duly did.

I got down on my knees and sucked them off in turns. I could feel Andy starting to cum and took him out of my mouth. He came all over my face and hair. I then finished Paul off, who came deep in my mouth.

Suddenly another pair of hands started feeling my already wet pussy from behind! It was another of my boyfriends' mates, John. Paul had obviously arranged to meet him there after leaving the nightclub.

They led me to a picnic table. Paul took off my dress, I felt really vulnerable with his two mates watching us. John then laid me on the table and proceeded to lick my pussy. While Paul and Andy got themselves hard again. I could feel John's tongue flicking my clit and sucking my pussy lips. It felt good, really good.

By this time, Andy and Paul were hard again. Paul swapped places with John and I wanked John and Andy. John came on my chest and rubbed it in. I guided Andy into my mouth and he started rocking gently in and out, fucking my mouth. I flicked his bell end with my tongue, which he seemed to enjoy. I then felt Paul enter me and I had my first orgasm building up. I let out a stifled moan as Andy was still fucking my mouth, I then started giving him deep throat. Andy's balls tightened and I took his full load down my throat.

I then turned my attention to Paul, who was ramming my pussy with his rock hard cock. I could feel John and Andy both licking and sucking my nipples. All this attention combined made me climax again. This turned Paul on so much that he came too, I could feel him squirting his load up inside me.

As we finished I realised that it was now four AM and time for bed. My swollen cum-filled pussy was satisfied. Paul and I said our goodbyes and went back to Paul's for a shower.