Written by wiskey

22 Jun 2006

As I said Before It gets better we are both now mid fifties and this is when we where in our late twenties but read on

I had my own business and I was after a guy to work for me so my wife and I would go for a drink at a clud at the end of our road we knew ken would be their as he was most nights about our third meeting we invited ken back for a coffee we all sat over a drink and I said I was going for a shower and left them talking I went upstairs but listened to them chatting then the chat stoped and I heard her moan as if he was kissing her I left it a couple of mins and went down the stairs and walked in they both scrambled up but I caught him he had his hand up her skirt and the buttons on her blouse were undone I made an excuse I forgot my clean clothes and went back up stairs followed be June she asked if she could be alone with ken for a while I said yes and told her I would go to bed about half an hour later June came in and said ken would be staying the night in the spare room if it was ok with me I of coarse said yess so she shouted to ken he was in the spre room

She got undressed and told me what she had been up to Ken had got her knickers off and fingered her I put my hand dowm and felt her fanny it was soaking then she said she wanted to go see if he was ok or if he wanted anything I agreed this was about 12.30 she came back about 3am and got into bed she kissed me and thanked me for what I said she opened her legs and let me feel. His spunk was ozing from her pussy she had been well fucked she said he came in her about three times

Over the next few weeks we got to know ken well he spent a few nights in our spare room Then one night at bed time she told me she was sleeping with ken rather tha just spending an hour or two this she did and I spent the night listening to the fucking

Next morning she came down stairs about nine she was shattered and had a love bite on her neck She said Ken did not like the idea of me sleeping with her and she should be his and whats more she liked the idea so over the next few months I would sit with them on the setee and when he said upstairs she would follow he would fuck her and they would come down again

More to come