Written by Terry & Jon

20 Nov 2003

We receive many emails about the posts we'd made on swingers stories, mostly from time wasters, however one stood out from the rest.

It was well written (unlike the many almost cryptic, badly spelled, time wasters emails! - I mean, if you can't be bothered to type a proper email, what else can't you be bothered to do!) and contained quite a bit of information about the chap, who told us his name was Phil. He told us he really wanted to do dogging, and wanted to know where to go.

We emailed back and forth, and soon exchanged photos. Terry quite liked the way he came over, and said he looked realy nice and friendly in his photos, so we arranged a meet for Thursday.

Terry spoke to him on the phone, and we had several text messages also - he was dead keen to meet us!

We met in a secluded location, in a forested area, well off the road and away from any houses etc.

It was a bit windy, and a fair bit of rain in the air, so Terry told Phil to get in the back seat. We had a chat for about 10 minutes, with Phil saying how he couldn't beleive he was here, and it was going to happen, he was very excited.

Terry got in the back with him, and they started to stroke each others arms. Phil reached out to touch Terrys breasts, and asked if she was ok with that, which she replied she was. As Terry was wearing a split skirt, which had fallen open, it was evident that she was wearing stockings. Phil noticed and said 'oh god - stockings, I really love stockings. Can I touch them?' Again Terry said yes and Phil rubbed his hand along her leg to her stocking tops and stroked her thigh. Terry parted her legs, and Phil moved his hand toward her fanny, and quickly found she was not wearing any knickers.

All the time, Phil was telling me how lucky I was to have such a wife as Terry, who was willing to share with others and so on. He kept telling Terry how lovely she looked, and how wet her fanny was. All this was getting Terry going and she undid Phil's trousers and took out his hard cock, which almost immediately she sunk into her mouth! Now Phil was in heaven!

Phil pulled Terrys mesh top over her head, and quickly undid Terry's bra, which was soon flung into the front of the car. He mashed her tits, and told her they were lovely 'how big are they?' he said. Terry answered '38DD'. 'I love them!' said Phil 'they're so soft and creamy'.

By now, Phil had been working his fingers into Terry's fanny, and she was realy hot and wet. Terry said to Phil 'you have lovely hands, are you a piano player?' 'No' said Phil 'but I know how to play the middle c!' which made us both laugh.

Terry climbed over Phil's lap, and rubbed his cock along her soaking slit, and against her clit and piercing. This got Phil very excited. As Phil was sucking on her tits, Terry asked hm what he wanted her to do 'rub your clit' he said. Terry was happy to oblige! She also grabbed his cock, and sunk it right into her fanny! Phil let out a loud groan and told Terry how hot her fanny felt.

As Terry slid up and down his length, Phil really got to work on her tits and all I could hear were muffled moans as he had his head burried in her cleavage. He pulled away, and asked Terry what he should do, Terry said 'fuck me!' 'oh god - say that again' said Phil. 'Fuck me, fuck me hard!' growled Terry.

'Can I do it doggy?' asked Phil 'do it any way you like - just fuck me!' said Terry as she got onto her knees. Phil wasted no time in getting into her, and Terry sucked my cock as he fucked her. 'You're so sexy, such a woman' Phil kept saying to Terry as he fucked her. 'I wish I had a wife like you'. By now, Terry was well worked up, and started to have an orgasm. This made her leave go of my cock as Phil fucked her and I tried desperately to get it back into her mouth, as I was almost cumming! Unfortunately for me, Terry's cumming triggered off Phils orgasm, so I lost the battle and decided to wait a while.

Phil never pulled out for some time after he came, and kept moving in and out, grinding into Terry. This kept her quite horny, so she turned her arse round toward me, offering me her fanny, which I was more than happy to sink my cock into! It didn't take long for me to fill her fanny with my cum and she colapsed onto the seat for a moment, before she started sucking phil's cock again.

We all took a little while to calm down, and talked for a while about what had just happened, and how much we'd all enjoyed it. As we talked, another car came along, and parked about 20 metres from us, and shut off the engine. I was still by the rear door, so ducked down out of sight. An old chap, about 60 - 65 got out, and slowly sauntered up near the car. Terry and Phil were starting to get going again, and he could see them in the car. Phil told Terry he was there, and was she ok with him being there. She didn't seem to mind, so I allowed him to see me, making him think I was a dogger.

Upon seeing me, he came over to the window (which was open) and looked into the car. I had my cock out, wanking, and he kept looking at it, so I went round the other side of the car to watch and bugger me if he didn't follow! I'm not into bi, so stuffed my cock back in my trousers! Seeing this, he put his hand in the window and Phil gestured for him to continue,after he had first asked Terry is she would be happy for him to touch her. He put his fingers straight up Terrys fanny! Terry squirmed on his fingers, and Phil realy seemed to like the fact that there was someone else was there.

I think the old fella got a bit of a shock though, as Terry was still full of my come, which went all over his hand! He went back to his car, and came back with some wet wipes, and cleaned his hand while standing watching. He still followed me from side to side of the car, so my cock stayed firmly in my trousers! He put his hand through the window, and started mashing her tits. After a few minutes, he said ' thanks love' to Terry and thumbs up to Phil and went, got in his car and drove off.

Phil worked on Terrys fanny with his fingers, and made her come several times. They got into the 69 position, and spent some 10 minutes or so licking each other, and both having another orgasm. By now, several cars were comming in and out of our car park, so we tidied up, sat and chatted for a while, then went on our way.

Phil was well made up with the experience, and so happy to have met Terry. We were very pleased with the way the night turned out, and at how nice Phil was and how he made Terry feel so relaxed. He texted us several times, and emailed too. We have arranged to meet him next week!