Written by Jed

6 Mar 2005

Following on from my last tale, when I was 19 I met a guy in the gymn at the sports centre on afternoon. We got chatting in the weight room and had a good laugh while we were doing the circuit. He was about my age, very fit and good looking. When we finished, we went to the showers. I couldn't help noticing his cock, which was bigger than mine. I noticed it was half erect and saw he was sneaking glances at me as we showered. I quickly grew an erection and, embarrased, turned my back to him to hide it and prayed that no on else would come in. I got a shock when I felt his hands on my back, running down to cup my cheeks. I stiffened but didn't say anything, then felt him press himself against me, his now rock hard cock against my butt.

His hands crept round, one to my nipples and the other to my cock, which he began very gently stroking.

Before I knew it, I had turned round and we were embracing, our cocks against each other. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, enjoying the taste and hardness of him. After a while, he pulled me to my feet and knelt himself to suck me. It didn't take long for me to feel my cum rising, so I told him to stand up. Facing each other, I rubbed our cocks together until he started to buck his hips. He moaned and spurted a jet of cum up over my stomach and hand, which set me away and I did likewise to him. My knees were shaking with the excitement an horniness of the situation as I let the warm water from the shower run over me and wash away the tell tale signs of our fun. I suggested we have a drink and he agreed. It was the start of a long association which we keep to this day, 15 years later, despite both being married in the meantime.