Written by SJNWUK

27 Apr 2006

Again, for those who have read my previous last 2 sexploits this week, and followed with me my personal journey into debauchery and sexual experimentation, I now wish to share another dirty, dirty secret with all you readers on S.H....lol.

....I have been secretly exchanging emails with a swinging str8 couple who has a very good friend who happends to be a Cross Dresser and is very very convincing.

It transpired after reading their emails, that this couple invites men through Pvt invitation only, to fuck their CD friend whilst the wife videos it or simply watches. The wife unfortunately, an extremely stunning woman-about 5'8", long brown hair and about 35, doesn't allow other men to fuck her but will put on a show with her husband in front of a group of men or apparently-as mentioned in their final email before my visit, yesterday- will put on a strap-on and fuck her friend for all to see!

The whole setup intrigued me deeply and even if it wasn't my cup of tea so to speak, I would have at least experienced or witness something different and perhaps quirky for a better word.....I did go as planned.

......The setting was at their home which overlooked woodland area. There were plenty of trees and space to allow for total privacy and without any neighbours hearing or seeing anything. It was 10pm and it was dark except for a few outdoor amber lights which further enhanced the intimacy of the whole setup.

I was greeted by both John and Paula who were in their 30's, at the door. The names have been changed for obvious reasons btw. They were an attractive and intelligent couple of a similar age to my wife and I.

I was then ushered into a large entertaining room with huge patio doors overlooking the above mentioned large garden and wooded area.

There were also a group of about 10 men ranging from 25-50. A good mixture of different types- your professional, sporty types mixed in with a couple of 'jack the lad' and blokey bloke types.

We were all allowed to mingle and chat for about 30 mins or so with music, srt8 porn, booze and sandwiches to entertain us for awhile. I suppose we all knew that this wasn't a social gathering as such but rather a fuck fest between a CD Slut and a group of sex crazed, horned up men. The general consensus was 'Come on Why R WE WAITING!?',...hehe.

'Without further ado men", John said in a jolly manner, "My wife Paula will bring down our friend, Kelly who will entertain you to your hearts content!", he added.

There was a bit of a lads' bantering and cheering going on between us, but soon things quietened down when Paula brought 'Kelly' into the room.

She did look very convincing and femminine. Maybe about 25 ish, tanned, 5'9", long blonde frizzy hair, and sexy but rather tartily made up, make- up and dress wise- which suited her 'personality', as John warned us that we best give her an extremely good fucking time as she has a verocious, sluttish appettite for cock!

Kelly with her red lips and frizzy blonde hair with brown roots showing, was dressed in a red basque and pink leather mini skirt. So short her mini skirt was, her white frilly knickers flashed each time she so much as moved a centimetre!

She also had on bright red pointy shoes with those ankle braclets on each leg. 'She looked like a dirty tart', I thought to myself.

"Hi guys my name's Kelly, Dirty Slutty Kelly is what people call me", she whispered in a feminine breathless manner.

Someone in the group responded, "How dirty Kelly?"

"Why not play with me and find out!", kelly giggled before winking.

John started the ball rolling by telling kelly to sit on the large wooden table and to start showing 'what was on offer for tonight'

She dutifuly did as requested by taking off her red leather jacket and displaying her red basque. She then spread her long, slender, smooth and tanned legs-wide exposing her white frilly knickers. She had a large cock and dark pubes which shocked as well as turned me on.

'Why not play with your fanny and get it moist for us, Kelly?', John asked.

'ok I will, but it's no use if there arent any hard, big, juicy cocks to suck and fuck with', Kelly replied teasingly.

Someone shouted, 'Fucking get us hard and we'll show u a good time!'

Kelly went on all fours. Her arse was in front of us and she began to remove her red mini skirt and Paula then went up to her and gave her a huge rubber dildo to play with.

Kelly teased us by not removing her knickers. Rather with 1 hand she pulled it to one side and with a finger from the other hand she initially popped it into her moist mouth and then pushed it into het CD Fanny.

'OOOOOH that feels good. Not had a shag since last night. I want to be your cum slut', she muttered.

Without wasting more anytime, she started to suck the dildo as she finger fucked her hairless, smooth, arsehole. Her lip -stick was getting smudged on her lips and now she looked even more slutty then b4.

By this stage the dildo was glistening in spit. Pulling out her finger from her arse, she began to fuck herself with the dildo.

By now the blokes including myelf, were getting a hardon and wanted to fucking do Kelly big time. One of the cocky younger lads sporting a big, thick veiny cock and glistening with precum and spit, made the first move going over to her and began the long and sweaty cum filled fuck fest which was to follow for more than 2 hrs, last night....

He grabbed her head and without any resistance from her, he shoved his fat cock between her lips and began deep throating her. This prompted most of the men including myself to take off our trousers, etc and start wanking before joining altogether to enjoy using 'Dirty Kelly' and to give her what she wanted- A Fucking Good Time!!

The rest of the next two hours or so was quite literally, a fucking mind blowing experience. Stayed tuned for the rest of the action in P2.

Thanks for reading.